Grassroots Webmaster Google is forcing us to grow up

Google, you quietly walked, waving sleeves, took away many, many, Google not only took the money of the Chinese people, but also took away many grassroots webmaster dream. At the same time, we should also thank Google, is that you let us many grassroots webmaster have entrepreneurial dreams, today let us learn how to grow, how to live.

what do we do when we don’t have Google?

Chinese Internet users can use Baidu, Sogou, search, and we should support the Chinese search engine, I hope our search engines are more powerful. I believe that time will change everything, I believe I will soon get used to the days without google.

China’s grassroots webmaster, we do not lose heart. Although Google has gone, many advertising companies will reduce advertising investment, leading to lower the income of the webmaster, but we still have other ways.

no pressure, no power, Google forced us grassroots webmaster to grow up.

1, many webmaster every day looking forward to Google advertising a meager income, the status quo will no longer grow up, looking for more opportunities is a wise way.

2, do domestic garbage station, it is better to do foreign garbage stations, foreign Google Advertising unit price is much higher than the domestic. At the same time, earning foreigners is more comfortable than making Chinese money.

3, if you are doing a good professional station, should strengthen the content and the overall development of the site. Highlight the advantages of allowing businesses to take the initiative to find you advertising or deep cooperation.

4, the flow of direct conversion into sales, direct sales of products using the site, more cost-effective than advertising.

Google, what have we learned,


I think Google’s going makes us learn a lot. We’ve learned how to do things in a low key, and learned to respect others is to achieve ourselves, and vice versa. In China, the Chinese culture should be respected and the laws and regulations of China respected. I don’t know if Google has learned.


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Author: Ji Shiquan.


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