Build the website core competitiveness three steps

websites, like enterprises, need to have certain core competencies in order to stand out among many of their peers". What is "core competence"? That is, through the integration of all knowledge, skills and resources, the unique ability to operate in the process of being not easily imitated by competitors and can bring huge profits. To put it simply, it’s the core, the most valuable, the most attractive part of the site, and this part is hard to imitate, even after the simulation. Like Baidu’s search engine and QQ’s fast talking tools, these have brought them a lot of money. Although they have been countless, they have been left far behind.

since "core competence" is so important, how should we do it?

one, find the core of the website.

this is at the beginning of the website construction should think of, that is what other people want to come to my website, why not go to other websites?. If the existing websites are better than mine, can I go beyond them? If not, do I want to go the other way?. If you want to do an e-commerce site that you want to do all the industry’s trading platform, or a single platform for the industry, if you want to do an all industry trading platform, through the understanding you will know, existing web are the well-known Alibaba, HC, China manufacturing so, unless you have a lot of money, have a good team, plus a large number of publicity, so that it may go beyond them, if not, then you’d better stop. If you say that the whole trade platform can not do, then I’ll do a single industry trading platform. Now big industry websites have basically been done, and do a good job of many, you like chemical networks, textile networks, medical networks, all within the industry has a certain reputation. It’s not that you can’t do it, but you need to invest more money and time. Unless you have a significant advantage in an important area, you’d better not do it as an entrepreneurial team. For small entrepreneurial teams, I think you can subdivide the industry, and then choose a relatively niche industry as a breakthrough point, to pay for. Because few people have less money, limited resources, small entrepreneurial team’s weaknesses, so we only concentrate all the power to carry out a single point of breakthrough, to be successful, the breakthrough point is to have a comparative advantage industries. (looking for more segments, please go to industry segments

looking for the core of the site, must be based on its own existing conditions, to use their own advantages to compete with others.

two, creating "core competence"".


has found the core of the website, how can it be transformed into an advantageous competitive ability?

1, core competence is a systematic project.

core competitiveness is definitely not

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