BBS community forum popularity come from

BBS community forum popularity come from? It comes to this topic seems to do a lot of forum webmaster confused, some people operate a two-year forum, can still make it popular flat, many owners to give up a business forum to do portal station, download station, even garbage station, that will still encounter different the bottleneck. In order to let you webmaster to BBS popularity accumulation understanding, today to introduce myself under the management of the first Webmaster Station BBS, to BBS popularity growth experience.

first, the forum visitors from the contents of the forum, the forum is most visitors through the search engine to visit, so as to the forum and other websites have enough content, these content in the search engine rankings, so as to bring certain user groups for the forum.

second, second forum to have their own original content, the forum should have its own original content, not blindly to copy and paste, because any visitors are not willing to just write copy and paste to the content, if you want to see the content they go out to look at the content of the article is not better, so to have their own original articles and content, to create their own long-term users of the content of the forum.

third, I like the forum not only by virtue of article and content, and also have enough popular speculation, a forum to a dozen activists, these people will send some articles, more is to reply to the article content, others only in this forum to be popular, there will be more people are willing to stay in a forum, so that the development of the forum is a virtuous cycle, the more people send content and content back to the more people, the more new content to the forum, search engines will be more, thus to more users. On the contrary, the popularity of the forum is very difficult to build up.

fourth, the forum to establish one or several representative figures, so you can bring to the forum some authoritative things, when we want to hold some activities through the forum, the representative of a proposal, the forum’s friends would like to do any rush on like a swarm of hornets, things are more effective, so as to achieve the development of the forum gold effect.

fifth, the forum should organize activities, through the activities of the forum, the popularity of the forum better, so that the forum users can have a long-term sense of freshness, reduce user churn.

sixth, this is the most important, no matter how heavy the business forum, the forum will have a strong team of moderators, because it is the source of life forum moderators, they can drive the various version of cotton popularity, making the forum looks vibrant, without a strong team, the forum will it is difficult to develop, this is the biggest bottleneck in many forum administrators and forum webmaster forum met in business, so how do we find the excellent moderator? Then we will be like the first station, with excellent moderator through their own culture to mining. Because they grow up with the forum, will have deep feelings for the forum, they will pay together and >

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