Content is death and the value of content has been transferred


value of the media is communication, communication is the core content, from the media era began to lay the development policy content is king, the search engine to rise, many SEOER the content is king word respected to the top, become the core concept of SEO. In recent years the content search engine, micro-blog, WeChat sweep, seems to have become an eternal truth is not broken, after all the user needs to have every hour and moment value, can produce high-quality content platform or micro-blog WeChat account will be very popular. But this year there are many site visits with high-quality content began to gradually decline, the development of micro-blog V scripts also encountered a bottleneck, a lot of WeChat large open rate is gradually reduced, and even a lot of a large number of fans every day add negative growth, not the content is king? I have a good content, why the audience will continue the loss of


let’s take a look at the recent fire Luo Yonghao, Luo Yonghao said a lot of a burst of the sentence, but I did not remember, but this sentence comments let me and our buddies are to remember "Jobs redefined the mobile phone, Luo Yonghao redefines idiot". This sentence even Luo Yonghao himself had praise, and the NetEase users use this sentence to levy the screenshot issue to share with you in your micro-blog. The comment was an article by Luo Yonghao about bragging about his brand. The content of the article was forgotten. In Sina micro-blog, this sentence has 46148 search results, Baidu search results in 102000. A word can instantly triggered extensive discussion, Luo thanks to the invention of this word users, once again put Jobs and Luo Yonghao together, but also to let everyone know that Luo Yonghao is doing the mobile phone. There are many netizens spared no effort to use this sentence to ridicule Luo Yonghao, which also allows the dissemination of these information into a geometric level of efficiency, the publicity effect is better than tens of millions of media ads smashed tens of thousands of times.

We look at the micro-blog

, micro-blog is a short four word "Ma Yun water" with Ma Yun water picture, this is Ma Yun Hengda ice fountain drink in the acquisition of Hengda Football Conference expression, many netizens said Ma Yun Hengda ice fountain drink out of Erguotou feeling, as well as other mass. Ridicule. "Ma water" reached 85701 in the Sina search results on micro-blog, Baidu keyword search results on the use of precision reached 146000, and a heated discussion in the team Post Bar, including AC Milan, Liverpool, Beijing Guoan, Shanghai Shenhua and so on it, and even micro-blog users to Ma expression produced water a cartoon picture, some media even press interpretation of Ma drink expression, can be said that the discussion of "Ma drinking" has greatly exceeded the acquisition of Hengda football ma. Of course, this is Hengda favorite to see, although there are many negative online evaluation, but these negative is not a problem, no news, no discussion, this is a big problem. Hengda ice fountain was such an instant hot, Ma instantly became Hengda ice fountain spokesmen.


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