Don’t give up when you are standing

now do stand more and more difficult, Baidu for new sites assessment mechanism, so that many new sites can not survive, but as long as we work hard, do not abandon, do not give up, it will certainly have a good return!


is now specific to analyze a website of my own, my website. At the end of March this year launched the website, do is QQ resource site. Mainly to do some QQ space in terms of keywords.

we all know, QQ space is already more popular words, and now ranked by the previous web site weight and the chain is very strong. But since chose not to give up, half a month before the line on the website Baidu included, insist that every update article, let search engine every day with new content to crawl over a period of time, I found that Baidu search keywords QQ space code, ranked 400 in the Baidu. So they want to give up QQ space code to find new words, I have to find a new keyword, do QQ net, but because they have good, now changed to Baidu search is not good, so there is no change, continue to update daily, once again Baidu big update, I find the key already entered the top 200, so

more confidence!

and some other key is updated steadily, every day, many links, in yesterday’s Baidu update, but also have a breakthrough, I believe that, if not abandon, do not give up, will have a good ranking


Baidu rank = match reasonable META+ reasonable keyword layout + valid inside chain + + Z, when outside chain + user need content

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