Depth analysis of local forums how to gather popularity

a year ago I made a three line of the city’s local forum, after a year of operations slowly find some operation experience of many local forums. Gradually also began to have some businesses to actively seek to advertise, although it is a thousand pieces of money, but for me, has been very good. Share some of my experiences with A5 here.

one, optimization is still the first.

at the beginning did not mind how, every day that is around the post, hair chain what?. To tell you the truth, there are very few original articles, but if you have plenty of time, you’d better do something original. In fact, DX BBS system included effect is still very good, basically will be included. Optimization, there is no particular way, that is, the most common public, those who visit the forum to leave personalized signature, and occasionally send soft Wen, do Baidu library, wikipedia. Now search the city name, my forum has been listed in the Baidu home page, and even in the encyclopedia and government websites in front of the daily traffic is also very good. Optimization method is not much, and A5 search, there are a lot of good experience, skills, articles.

two, QQ group and micro-blog must pay attention to.

My website posting daily volume of pre

are basically my own hair, occasionally there are some post also some ads, basically I built No one shows any interest in, and then three or four local city QQ group, build your group is the best time according to interest and industry to build, such as: XX, XX group of fellow pets group, XX group and other similar to those of the riders. Then your forums will have the corresponding push plate, using DX binding and QQ group content, every day to push the group inside some more attractive post, don’t push too much attention every day, one or two is enough. Too much is likely to cause resentment in the crowd. The maintenance of QQ group is also a very tiring work, you must always in the group with a small chat, guide everyone alive, so that group of people will often introduce friends to join, group of people, attracted to the forum as the success of the 1/3.

again, micro-blog, micro-blog, you’d better check it out, don’t be lazy, insist on updating it once a day. Pay more attention to other micro-blog, and micro-blog group. Micro-blog will send some like funny pictures, quotes, inspirational content. In this way, you can increase your fans, or do the same as the QQ group, do not rush to recommend your forum early, and so on when almost appropriate to attract fans to the forum.

three, the forum posting replies, account notes.

a lot of friends in order to save, forum posting replies with the administrator account, or moderator account inside talk, this is the local operation type forum taboo, because the account management, including the moderator etc. on behalf of the forum official language, some words you sometimes inadvertently may cause some people’s discontent. It is for you this whole forum is not satisfactory, and even lead to >

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