Do you want your website to be blind or free

at this stage of the Internet, all types of websites want to be able to show as much as possible, and the choice of search engines such a platform seems to be the best channel, perhaps the only channel. According to people’s thinking patterns over the years, search engines have developed the main search patterns using keyword search, and search engines have played keyword games. Various types of websites also try their best to link their websites to key words on search engines. Like young men and women, they always want to find someone to spend their lives with.

site if you want to appear on the search engine, buy keywords on the platform, or advertising under keywords. When people enter the keywords purchased by the website, the website will appear in front of the searcher. Website can according to their own needs, purposeful, targeted to choose to buy keywords. These types of websites are only a small part of thousands of websites. Just like the ancient family of children, the old society has not set up an environment for young men and women of free love, they can only rely on the matchmaker matchmaking door to complete their marriage. The sons and daughters of wealthy families have some advantages over the children of ordinary families, and they seem to have more opportunities to choose. All this is the money factor.

but at that time most of the marriage are dominated by the parents, when a family in the marriage age will come matchmaker matchmaker. With the gab the daughter betrothed to the son, the son married the persuade miss. However, the matchmaker mouth son perfect in every respect or miss what the heck, who are not at the end. Only when he lifted her red scarf in the bridal chamber in the second, the two sides can see through will accompany her life long what kind. That second may be full of surprises, more likely to be full of thriller. However, they have to accept each other regardless of beauty and ugliness, just because they have told the world get married. From then on, you must be used to living with the stranger before you. The matchmaker by what criteria for the two people together, how to choose the "right" person from so many people? Perhaps a description provided by both parents and some of the requirements. However, the real answer is what you know only the matchmaker.

on the Internet, the vast majority of sites can only through their own optimization, promotion, SEO to attract search engines, included procedures attention. Perhaps after a lot of effort, and found that by entering the name of the site itself was included in the search engine. But thought about how many people will find themselves through the website name? If others do not know the site name on the search engine what is the use? Then try to see what method can through other keyword search to your own website. But today, the hypothesis still has no answer. You don’t know, I don’t know, and he doesn’t know. No one knows except for the search engine program. Perhaps one day, a whim or when looking for data, enter a keyword into, but found their own web site, and the key

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