From my 19 years old to do the first station talking about grassroots webmaster to learn to persis

with the computer dream involved in the network tide, no scruples to the industry pressure, no scruples to the industry of bitterness, remember the first time in May 2008 to apply for a free web space, then only a little HTML on the dynamic language ASP what a blind, then what are not, is the envy of others for a friend, is driven by a curiosity, let me take the initiative to learn how to build, how to write some simple procedures. In June 9, 2009 my first website also officially launched, but is very happy, almost a night of excitement can’t sleep, I was on the second day after the college entrance examination, this is the beginning of my network, from the purchase of virtual space, to the website with the domain name for the record, and so on, do not know what I said. Of course, some of the webmaster friends to help me, they patiently tell me some experience, let me understand a lot of site knowledge, in this I also special thanks. For network promotion I have tried various methods, hard to learn, while others during the holiday can free play, I still stay in power, really very happy, very surprised, finally realized for the first time that the network can earn, first learned of the network is so magic.

I always insist on, also has been working, I learned a lot of knowledge, but the beginning of my domain name choice, promotion no experience, more than half a year when my site traffic from the previous down to tens of thousands of thousands now. Last year, the impact of the computer room broken network. Last year we all grassroots webmaster have experienced a storm, in the face of the CN domain name not personal registration, filing difficult, our group of lovely owners there still insist, of course does not rule out the change for me, I want to do is like a man standing, strive to do their own site, from which you will feel more happiness and satisfaction, although I a a green hand boy, but I know a lot of bitterness, see webmaster colleagues helpless, do advertisement Union from the beginning to now, Google advertising along the way I feel pride and joy, but also what kind of helpless, when the site was closed when the mood, when you work the cast to waste when the night, tossing and turning, that kind of feeling is anxious, is scar.

today I found my second websites, also launched in March 8th to go to the Internet navigation, although there is a navigation station, but I am very optimistic, in the face of numerous navigation station, I was weak and weak, but I have the confidence to do this site, although Baidu stopped and navigation station cooperation, but I believe that only well, favored by the users will find a good profit model for a week I put this station to more than 200 a day to IP and visit the repeat ratio is very high, so I have a lot of confidence is also very dynamic.

I think a love network, love the webmaster profession, as long as adhere to the final will go far, will also go better, do stand more than half a year I >!

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