Do you really understand the meaning of the community

community is what? In fact, we all understand, but sometimes fooled by people, and confused.

some people say that the community is an identity. Is that wrong? Yes, but it’s just as boring as saying that people are flesh animals. When we put the community as Gewu circle, the user is not only the identity, and identity, identity contribution. Of course, a good community is made up of N circles.

FB says that he is not a community, but that he is a social platform and a social tool. In fact, social tools and platforms end up through human participation and activities, not just countless communities, an apple or ten apples, a green apple or a red apple, all of which are apples.

What is the concept of

identity? It is a broad concept, and it can happen at any time, at any place, with anyone. For example, two people wearing the same brand of clothes, into the same club, all live in the same alley, all like to play tennis, have been taught by a teacher… Identity is only a psychological hint or subtle psychological assessment, also can not solve is not the Internet, on which the company’s problems, if happened to come up, just to solve a "into", can not solve a "stay."

The concept of the

community has been specifically in Chinese forum, this is the situation, what is normal, no distortion. First, the Internet in China is the first media, and two is China, there is no social culture. The big courtyard neighborhood three pile, a group of five, gossip that even the social chatter.

The concept of the

community is now being interpreted as a place to build relationships, and this is hardly a deluge. One is the network industry is love speculation concept, take a ride, not. Two, from the topic of attention to concern, this is an evolution. The evolution of cognition; the evolution of behavior. In fact, we do not take the so-called relationship between the relationship seriously, and fancy is interactive process.

so, the Chinese community, two judgment is the most important topic and topic relations, without any relationship, are sustained, there is only a relationship, relationship, or even online interactive, is a subscription relationship. As for the line, which is not a wrong number, will become good friends. Strong content (topic) and weak relationship will be a phase characteristic of Chinese community development, and will last for a long time.

finally, where there are people, there will be topics. There will be relations. Topics and relationships are reciprocal. They are both means and ends. Some places will form a community, no more or less, now the community is very hot, but not much but the community, community development is not mature enough, are on the road, Quweicunzhen or mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore or a few more attempts, practitioners, entrepreneurs have what not good.

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