Web interaction design the parent child relationship in information design

The core of

interaction design is information architecture and interaction detail design. Information architecture includes information classification and information display, logic design, and interaction details are mostly the selection of control and the definition of interaction effect. In the information design, meet the most difficult issue is the amount of information is too much and the design results unsatisfactory, then in the premise of cut away the needs (too much information, perhaps there is the possibility of reduced demand itself), how to solve this kind of problem


generally speaking, when designing information, there is a very good relationship to follow, in which information is mutually exclusive, information is complementary, and information belongs to inclusion and inclusion. So what we’re going to talk about today is father son relationship". The so-called "father son relationship", that is, the core information and auxiliary information (similar information), the focus of information and secondary information (non similar information) in the interface design contrast.

The significance of "

1" and "father son relationship" in design

if you can’t make a page speak for yourself, then you should at least make it self explanatory. That’s what Mr. Krug referred to in the Don t make me think. "Father and son" relationship which is to explain to users what is the need to be concerned, what is the most important, to ensure smoothly the main path (even if it is customized advertising, it also has positive meaning).

two, how to find the "father son relationship" in the design

designers need to first determine the relationship between the information needed to design. The basis of judgment can be business logic, or user operation logic.

, for example, a successful feedback page. If the business logic so far no end, the next step action, then the feedback information is important; if only a part of the success of feedback logic business logic, so the next step action guide is strong in the feedback information.


three, how to embody the "father son relationship" in the design

first step: information classification

classifies all the information according to some logic (card, sorting). Set all the information to the same font size, font, and color before sorting.

classification design method:

line: design auxiliary line, solid line, dotted line and so on

face: background color, background box,

white space: split

by blank space between messages

, such as the mailbox validation success page, divides the information into three categories according to the business:


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