Website initially grew up sharing ideas and operation of the construction process


website, share ideas and operational site energy, imperceptibly by 2012, from the understanding of the site to construction has gone through 2 years, and it is with my pay and gradually grow up, the site is the result of efforts, some people say that persistence is the foundation of SEO; some people say. Execution is the best site to open traffic keys, these friends, think of your advice, let me determined to persist, have their own a stick, then share a stick and grow into this website at the beginning of the move.

station cause: remember in the beginning of 10 years, a website can not be too loose, the best website content should be closely related to what you do, then naturally start a crab website, many people have said that such sites do not have significant promotion so difficult also, take care of, but also maintain their own and if relevant, some do it with one hand is his hobby, on the other hand is the cause, is the man should have a thing of their own, including the line and line. As a part of network marketing, related things every one can do, should strive to promote, moreover, have their own web site, the equivalent of more than a dream of their own, this is the cause.

station process: domain name and space, choice, not sloppy, maintain the stability of the space, a stable space is self-evident in the importance of the search engine is serious, not to elaborate, so the domain name, from the taste of crab of two words, reduced to Pinxie, so there are now only website, domain name take some of the best and product related domain, so that the user can easily respectively, more such sites and what related traffic, improve.

station: operation and promotion process, if the space and domain name is based, then the operation and promotion is the priority among priorities, some of the operations and promotion together, but I don’t think so, including operation promotion, broader, more focused on my eyes to bring traffic, should due to the effect of the web site, here my promotion operations for

1. EDM marketing website, basically every month of publicity brought by user EDM propaganda, EDM is the maintenance of the old customers, the most effective method, a good EDM can bring change to you, with good activity, by e-mail marketing, and in the US is commonly used in QQ, a channel of QQ mail is very good, when there is a good activity, the direct one and see the past, can play an immediate effect.

2. operating sites in the QQ marketing group, is the mainstream of the chat, there is a group of good marketing will undoubtedly bring a qualitative jump for their sales, and because I want the website based on the local market, so you can find some local large QQ group, this group is still relatively good. Directly to the keyword, and then.

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