Why do we pay so much attention to Baidu

whether enterprise or stationmaster, do website to be to be looked for. If no one sees it, then the site is white. This time, I don’t refer to "cross sector according to authoritative statistics, now Baidu’s market share accounted for much of my life", as long as the list of three or four examples, can let you understand why this website attention to Baidu, although these examples are funny.

in Baidu’s "search list", there is a keyword has been ranked in the top five, that is 126. People who know the computer may enter www.126.com directly in the browser’s address bar, but there are still a lot of people who first open Baidu, and then type 126, these three numbers in Baidu’s search box. The first time I found this "ridiculous" thing is two years ago with a female classmate to the electronic reading room to check things, I will laugh at her why not directly in the browser’s address bar enter 126 address at the time, she was surprised to say: "remember the 126 web site, Baidu more convenient". I was in no mood at all, but today, there are still a lot of people doing stupid things, even though they are also college students.

I have done enterprise station before, after the station is done, call the person in charge of the enterprise, let him have a look first, if feel where is not suitable, I revise again. The phone tells them to open their web site as long as they enter their web address in the browser’s address bar. Five minutes later, the official called back and said the site was not open. My heart surprised, is it possible that the server in this critical moment out of the question, quickly opened the site to try, the results can open the site. I asked him if he had lost the URL, and spelled it to him one letter at a time and asked him to type it again. As a result, his answer still failed. He got mad. Let me show them to my computer before he goes to their company. I saw him typing their company’s domain name in Baidu’s address bar…… I was dumbfounded, just do the site, Baidu may not included you, say this is not the browser address bar, you can open a P. There are many people who use Baidu’s search box as the browser’s address bar. Although these people are business elite, personal assets of more than 10 million.

recently idle boring, join the local QQ group of friends, this group of mixed, what people have. There are quite a few problems, and there are quite a few who answer them. If someone asks, "what do I think about a hole in my clothes?" and then a lot of people give the same answer: "go to Baidu for a search."." Someone asked, "is the fish in the restaurant delicious?" and then there was a lot of the same answer: "go to Baidu."." The most hateful is that I joined a website promotion group, I asked, "Baidu put my station K, how should I do", and a big brother is also the answer: "go to Baidu search."." I’m speechless.

pay attention to people around you who regularly surf the web or don’t often surf the Internet. You’ll find people using Baidu to search for pornographic pictures. Someone will use Baidu to search "how to be beautiful", and others find their own

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