What kind of domain name does the domestic literature website like to use

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) January 29th news, recently, the Tencent announced the acquisition of Shanda literature, and the formal establishment of a reading group, unified management and operation Chinese network, originally belonging to the starting point of Shanda literature and Tencent’s literary creation Chinese, Xiaoxiang College, Hongxiutianxiang, reading novels, clouds college, QQ reading and other well-known network the brand. And what types of domain names do these domestic literary websites like to open? Let’s see what happens next.


diagram: domain name type enabled by the domestic literature site

Tencent literature site more open two level domain name

followed the Tencent’s consistent style, Tencent’s literary website QQ enabled two domain names, such as the Tencent launched women’s original literary website — from the Academy, the two level domain name yunqi.qq.com is enabled. Its other male original literary website "creation Chinese net", enabled is also the two level domain name chuangshi.qq.com. QQ reading is enabled by book.qq.com.

enterprise two level domain name and not every terminal are suitable for use, only like Tencent, Baidu terminal that has relatively large in popularity, with a large number of stable user base, was more suitable for the two level domain name website enabled. But Tencent seems to have done enough to protect its domain names. For example, "yunqi.com yunqiqq.com," from the "Tencent literature" domain name tengxunwenxue.com domain names are not in the name of Tencent.

starting point, the main phonetic domain



: starting point in Chinese net

in several major domestic literature websites, most of the phonetic domain favored a plus, such as the starting point Chinese network enabled is Larry domain qidian.com. The starting point was founded in 2001, and belongs to an earlier literary website in China. The status can not be ignored. However, the starting point of the site is not the qidain.com domain name, but cmfu.com. Later, in the website operation and promotion there is a certain bottleneck, in 2007 only for qidian.com, domain name change help web site, but also consolidate its position in the domestic literature site.

was founded in 1999 netrose, now in the country has great influence on its development status, but at the beginning of the creative is the domain name 21red.net, then changed the "tea" Larry hongxiu.com, the domain name is a huge market and business opportunities for them in the field of tea, the role of the more important.

enabled Pinyin site of the literature site, as well as vertical and horizontal Chinese network zongheng.com, banyan under rong>

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