Summary of actual combat experience promotion techniques of local gateway Forum

has sold my forum now, and I’m concentrating on my In order to let A5 webmaster run his own forum well, I have sent some work experience. In fact, should not send ah, in order to A5, contribute. Very practical tutorial, and it is practical conclusion.

Summary of

promotion methods

one, about how to optimize the community search engine for Post search engines

(1) will not post the press as it is, and send it on the first floor. The original news will be divided into two or even the third floor. Reduce page similarity.

(2) collect related topic information, and organize, reduce the frequency of similar pages, and increase the rate of collection.

(3), usually a lot of news, are related pictures, videos and so on. I’m forwarding to the forum where I’ll put headlines, headlines, add time, updates, and add pictures, videos, and other words.

take the big earthquake as an example: Title: 5.12, Sichuan, Wenchuan earthquake, news, pictures, videos, continuous updates,


, users search for news of the earthquake, the earthquake in Sichuan to retrieve the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake, earthquake, earthquake news pictures, 5.12 earthquake video and other phrases or phrases that are very likely to search our topic posts in.

two, in the external publicity news method

1, usually a forum layout, there are more obvious theme features, there is a layout of individual characteristics. So the first point is to understand the analysis of the popular forum layout is most concerned about what aspects do several things, so in the promotion of forum, you can match up, publish relevant information, to be able to get better promotion effect.

2, if you publish big event news, such as an earthquake, then most forums must have relevant information. At this point, when you promote the forum, you need to see if you have already had news clues, remember to send news must be new (the freshest pictures, the freshest clues), otherwise there will be no effect. Since someone sent you the same content, most of the popularity has been dispersed.

if the above two conditions are consistent, and you are sending the latest news clues, the title is very critical. If you want to promote, there are eye-catching headlines, title type 1, using amazing discovery, the latest pictures, the latest revelations, and other words highlight the news of the new. Title 2 types, such as: adding good / true / giant nausea, kuangyun ah, good, Gongsui metamorphosis, XX, need timid caution, anger!, touching, moved to tears, with a strong emotional vocabulary to attract your curiosity and desire to click.

4, the promotion of foreign time, the most basic form is a theme post, plus you want to promote the url. Be sure to do it when you promote it

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