Several ways to write soft text and how to use soft text for their own profits

1, original class

example: the "grassroots webmaster with graph king wrote: do not finish the station, making endless money", because of the grass-roots webmaster, do what is the purpose of the station, whether do dumpster or industry, is to make money, there are also some people is to earn money, but still there are many grassroots webmaster and did not earn much money, do not even know that what $GG account in to their own hands, when can let yourself taste that from the network to the wealth of joy! We all love money, also love to do a lucrative station, also want to know how to make their own stand to make money, so we have each other to reprint this article which add a few ADMIN5 links, but people still go to reprint, because writing is really, very suitable for the needs of owners So there will be more people to reprint, but also attract more eyeballs!


, for example, I can write an article, I earn 100 thousand pieces in one year, then I write down the development process of the sentimental tribe, and then there will be more and more people pay attention to the sentimental tribe.

has two forms of advertising:

(1) is added directly to the link, which is generally blocked.

(2), plus the name of the web class, such as sentimental tribes, etc., that is, must have the only generic name, and this is generally soft advertising inside the soft introduction, with absolute transmission.

2, adaptation class

whatever the article is, it can be adapted. I’ll take Admin5 for example.

IT class article:

is the ten fastest growing and influential website in the country. Adapt the "first place":

say row in the first place, we have to mention "ADMIN5", the only operation for 2 years to the webmaster boss position, can not be said to be the first time in 10 years Chinese Internet development so fast web site, so we put it as one of the ten influential websites have developed rapidly the first.

entertainment articles:

Maggie Cheung

is adapted as follows:

Maggie Cheung Chinese network is a grassroots webmaster in the "Admin5" Trading Forum", with a very low price Amoy domain name. And the first Maggie Cheung Chinese Web has now doubled its value by N times…..

what kind of articles can take the form of adaptation, especially some high click articles, especially articles, coupled with this, the network will provide extensive reproduced, so increasing the potential flow.

3, take up class

I’ve always wanted to find some examples for everyone, and then I was sad

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