My history of nternet start ups

my entrepreneurial history, "success", is a very heavy topic for everyone. Many people struggle for these two words all my life. A few years ago I was a working class. When, just to participate in the work of smug, aspiring. But 10 years later, the work changed 4, 5, but everything is still so light. You can’t get ahead in your career, and you want to be financially rich. So I did a lot of second jobs in my spare time.

projects are suffering from lack of funds. So it is only minor, earn money. A few years later, did not make any money, but physically and mentally tired. Time flies, the twinkling of an eye, is already close to 30 people. As the saying goes: "before 40 years of age, if there is no achievement.". This life, may not have too much development. Although I can not be reconciled, this life is so flat, light wasted. However, after so many years of toil. The ambition of that year has disappeared. Only live honestly as most people do.

with the Internet career, the rapid development and popularity. My family is also equipped with broadband Internet access. For a long time, like most Internet users, I was just chatting online, looking at the news and looking for information. Or play a game to get rid of some boring days. At an occasional opportunity, I saw an introduction to To tell the truth, it was only a look at it, and did not care. After a while, someone chatted with me about the Internet business on QQ, and suggested that I should have a good understanding. Out of a deal, I opened the relevant information again, bought the information and started to look at the presentation in detail.

this has changed my life and even changed my life. I started thinking about how much development I would have in this area. Just feel that this job is more suitable for office workers, engaged in second jobs. It has very little investment. There is no risk, no time and space constraints, and no, Chengdu does not matter.

because there is such a psychological, so the beginning of a period of time, and did not pay much attention to. Without pay, of course, there will be no return. After two months, "" seems to have been forgotten by me. At this time, my teacher, and my sincere words and earnest wishes talked for a long time. With his help, I made a deep reflection on my own. Especially for the bidding operation, there is a clear understanding. I am immediately full of confidence in the development of online bidding. From then on, I began to think carefully and sum up carefully. Soon I got into shape and got a little harvest. In less than a year, my income has reached 6 figures, equivalent to the income of civil servants in developed cities.

today’s online e-commerce, bidding operation project has become my main occupation. Here, I would like to thank my teacher for giving me such a thing when I am going to be disappointed

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