See the direction of the SNS community web site from my web site

some time ago, Facebook is once again into the China news spread like wildfire, SNS once again lit up people’s eye. What is SNS? SNS refers to an Internet application service designed to help people build social networks, to broaden their connections and share their preferences with friends who know them as friends. In today’s SNS market, happy school, 51, QQ, etc. Chinese I burn nets monopoly of most users, in this form, the SNS website should be according to their own situation, increase its value, expand the brand influence, improve user stickiness? In this regard, I burn nets a successful business model is worth learning from. Accordingly, the author visited "I burned the family, listen to their real experience, hope from the user’s point of view, to seek a way out for the development of community web site.

One of the

Views: "we do not want to network trendsetter, OUT

"I didn’t find out before I burned the web. I basically used QQ only, and at most I logged on to Sina and other large portals.". In QQ, friends often send funny and funny things, as well as current Internet buzzwords, or hot stories. But I found that these things I did not know, as time passes, my friends are laughing at my "OUT" king. Only later did they tell me the source of the information. The first time I burn nets, I was attracted to her ‘interesting’! These things are from real life friends or friends carefully pick hair in his blog that embarrassed stories, absolute first-hand information, the first time I burn this information together, so now I just browse the web, I burn nets, then today’s network interesting new things, basic catch! "

"on other websites, perhaps the new things you see are the same news. Different ways of reprinting can be said to be" forced hot events ", so wait until you know that it is no longer news. But here, the news that is our own creation! We can give it ‘tianchai, splashing’, the hot news or let it go, press hot or not completely depends on its popular level, that is to say, you can even in the news before it had predicted it and it is absolutely refreshing experience, we hang the network is going to do the network OUT

"trendsetter, never!

users point of view two: "fun is to retain users killer"

"in fact, the pressure of everyone’s work and life is very large now, and there is not much time to relax. Online leisure has become the choice of many people.". I burn nets provides such a platform, I can go to the ‘hot’ and ‘think’ when do not want to speak, to appreciate the beauty and fun map browse. I can share your comments, or with other surfers, anyway, here is completely relaxed, even I burn nets also very humane to other website strictly friends into a one-way attention here, all by themselves."

"I like it best."

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