Talk about what think and what want to do

listen friends do Wenshuo musical "I love to dance," I fell into deep thought, think about is how to change the website development, how to develop, how it is attractive, I’ve written an article "your web site requires users or users need your website" article, I just want to do my site users need to stand on this website, I want to attract as many webmaster common problems.


is a unique preferences of people, I love what I would say is a catch in the end, the music, I can put a song to night, I love " I love to dance with " this song, though not famous, but from this song I I need to find the meaning of love, my website, contributing to my website, this is the head of the thinking, in turn, the love we have according to my request for what I want, this is the thinking, you can do that, just start doing what I do is to stand pay on my website, I will give him what people need to do what the function is put up, finally got to the site is not home, this time I think my failure is not a user oriented group, called for the orientation group is the one you need What kind of people to accept your website group, not needing a what all don’t understand but let you follow the road to go to his website, hundreds of millions of Internet users, you walk several road, you can go to see what time can be unified to return? So I want to do a directional user group website, let a group of people who are interested are the theme of the site.

I’m doing is corruption guest website, although my website is now very clear theme is FB group, but we have to say that corruption is a derogatory term, wherever there is not good spokesperson, indeed, I in the name of the website to other sites on the display is "* * off" this makes me very depressed, but there is no way, it blocked a path to my promotion, but also how it is a foregone conclusion, started as a forum, I did not do publicity, because I want to do all the functions of this website completely accord with my request I was relieved to let people to experience their own helplessness, not because of no way to develop their own programming as a system, can only rely on the Internet to modify the program to achieve what I want, I finally found the function on the SNS and I had written a plan The book requires almost the same thing, so I used DZ’s SNS. The site was done, but it ran into a lot of problems.

now comes to the point, my thinking. The first one is the website upgrade problem I think this is many webmaster feel happy, but happy and mingled with the painful things, happy is a website and a new function can be used, the pain is to modify the site for half a month to resume the changes, many webmasters are doomed, who is not their own ability. After the website was done, I began to think about how attractive people came in. I made a set of assumptions and I wanted to

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