Talking about the understanding of the establishment of Network Entrepreneurship

The development of

network has been diversified since today. The development of the network has created many talents, and has created wealth for many people. More and more people have been involved in the Internet to find their own ideals and wealth. When we choose to do a website, we may be confused. How can you do a website well? How can you let the website bring profit to oneself? Introduce oneself experience here.

‘s first consideration is technology. Can you think of the technical performance, no technical basis, then a good idea is just fantasy, although you can ask someone else to do what you want to achieve the function of others or other, but he can never be fully show your thoughts, after all, everyone’s ideas can not be completely consistent. Now many people think that technology is not important, you can spend money to find people to do stand, and even maintenance, but I think this is not a personal station should be the practice. Not a problem please people to do, besides and spend money is not a person can easily afford, at present, white on others free aid is not too realistic, even friends help you two times, how could I have been going to help. Therefore, only in the hands of their own technology, in order to build their own web site in line with their own requirements, in order to save the poor funds originally.

, and then your own ideas. A good idea can save a website, and a good idea can bring endless wealth. Ideas are like a website of the soul, form and content to around this soul to do everything for the spirit of service, to do so, you will stand one spirit, compact and not crowded. No creative website is doomed to fail, just like life without a soul. It can only exist like a walking corpse in the network environment. We must do a good job on the site of creative ideas, if not, then simply do not do the station, but also eliminates the hard work of reactive.

next is source power. What’s the driving force? It’s personal interest and effort to the website. At the same time, a dialectical point of view on this issue, interest and effort on the inseparable, do what you are interested in, you can persevere, and no interest in the effort will not last long. Everyone has inertia, how can you keep your interest in the website, which is adjusted according to different personality of the individual. Do what you are interested in so that the website can be flesh and blood and soul. The early efforts of the website is especially important, laying a solid foundation, and then can develop steadily, not always confused.

there is a very important point, is the site to begin to have a position, do not start the large, it is smart to do specific direction, the small problem research intensive than what to learn a little more easily accomplished. A dish is not suitable for all tastes. It should be done step by step from the point to the line, from the line to the surface.

in addition, the website must be calm, especially at the beginning. Don’t worry

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