Standing needs faith to go farther

said people would think that faith is not a revolution in need, in fact, people need faith, also need to do, because we will encounter setbacks, would have had to give up the idea, if there is no faith could not adhere to it is also unlikely to succeed. Here’s the experience of belief in my role as a station:

is probably the last year in August and September, Baidu was the whole algorithm increased the weight of portal station and their own products so many stations in this algorithm by crowning calamity, and I stand is no exception. I didn’t remember algorithm before the change, the station network of four key words: acne removing acne, acne, acne mask method, acne products are ranked Baidu page, change all keywords are algorithm 200 outside flow directly into the 2 figures at the same time, similar sites are also spared, instead of the inside pages of Baidu encyclopedia, NetEase Sina and other large portal, to check the whitening, freckle and other words also found the same situation, then I believe that is not my website is a problem, but this is not what I can change. So every day looking at dozens of IP even updated power is gone, at that time really want to delete the site does not do, but to see their own website is built, and spent so much time to update and PR to 3 is not deleted. Now Baidu algorithm change, while the station method, my acne acne products and other words are restored, but other sites together with the original home page ranking did not recover, some are the site deleted, and some have been updated again, see this situation, I really had my feeling! The website also deleted or not to update the website today will not return. Calculate the time was 6 months, in this long process I have countless times to give up the idea, because they do not know of such a stick is not right, the website on the waste of space but also a waste of time there, but when I want to delete the site, I would think that if just give up then the previous effort is not wasted, but also consider the algorithm of Baidu will not last forever, because if that page people search for a keyword whenever I see are the same website will have what method to this point, Baidu will certainly think of, so I decided to site retained and regularly update a snapshot of the site can guarantee to keep up, boil so long until finally the day of resurrection, if I did not believe that Baidu is back The law will change the belief that the web can recover, and can’t stand it.

website although not physical, but it is not an easy thing, then this process, we will encounter many setbacks, especially those who want to start their own business owners and some new railway station, only hold a firm belief that we will go farther.

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