Stationmaster in order to do station do station in order to make money

ten years ago, we use telephone dial-up Internet access, many people do not know there are owners of this industry, not to mention to rely on the network to do business, to realize their entrepreneurial dreams! Ten years later, whether on the Internet or in reality, casually pull a person is the webmaster remember, don’t know the man said "you are the master, you are the only one webmaster" only the meaning is completely different, I believe we all hear what is different, it can be said that there is no shortage of webmaster…… Every day life is filled with the internet. The network world is like the garden, can master life is not so colorful, every day just to write the program, updated articles, links, see IP for the League…… flash, this life has occupied our life the most wonderful time!

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is not to write this article, I really have not considered the most familiar to us "stationmaster" the origin of the word, then checked online, including who is the first or the first China webmaster, or who proposed the webmaster of this concept, it is difficult to verify. As a member of many webmaster, I really can witness the economic development and improve the network to bring happiness and wealth for us! Either Ma Huateng or Ding Lei, they get in a few short years website industry achievement is the ordinary people in ordinary industry is unable to compare, if the Ma Huateng does not take the QQ stick but, sell it, maybe Ma Huateng’s name will not remain in the Internet, the one on the network is made up of great wealth "expert" who are really in the rapid development of our webmaster this group


webmaster is to do standing, do stand, in order to make money, this is my life for a webmaster position. Some people would say is that passion is hobbies can make you understand what is the webmaster webmaster, let you into this industry, but ask in this many webmaster and a few are for passion, for the so-called love beating his own website, if your site for a year or the poor the dozens of hundreds of IP, if you have three meals a day to consider how to eat, ask friends to ask their parents, even if their own that one month hundreds of pieces of the rent to be let the landlord a reminder, you can also do as you love to stand I ask you to do, that is only tens of hundreds of IP websites have passion! You may see the network too much is on the website that he’s "expert" cattle up, perhaps you see like you than you but the scenery people, he is a master, or Did you do your station can not find anything else to do what I can achieve that in my heart the dream and entered the industry in addition! You may dream that one day they could be like them, because now you are a webmaster, if can not go station I want to make money, will not have so many grassroots Internet stations, will be a lot less website, Baidu server might be able to save a lot of Taiwan to the office every day! The first action is to open the computer, the first is > Open

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