A webmaster should expand his relationship and start by changing himself

last week at the A5 forum to do a bbs.admin5.com on "interpersonal relationship" edition chat activity, please the old K and GJJ made the guests waiting for you. In the webmaster of the guests reply is very exciting, very classic, the baby of the atmosphere is very active, I also benefited from.

I am not a good person for personal interaction. I envy some of my friends. No matter what I do, I always have a topic that I can’t say. It’s the focus of the crowd. No matter what the face of what people always talk, sparkling discourse attracted the audience bursts of applause. Such people are popular, warm, generous and popular. Adsense do site, all day with the Internet dealing with, whether it is talk or courage, or charm, are lack of exercise, but do friendship links, website promotion, need to have good interpersonal relationship guarantee. If the industry can do what thing is a hundred responses to a single call, the multiplier.

took a couple of stationmaster meet, know some sociable stationmaster, also know a webmaster, comparatively speaking, we are more concerned about a great talker, but also pay more attention to his website, is more interested in his experience. For example, every time GJJ comes on stage, he always attracts the attention of the audience, and laughs and applause from time to time. He humorous and well-informed, website has also done a lot of new webmaster want to full of sound and colour, and to learn from him. Most webmaster gathering, will see his figure, can be described as grassroots Adsense star.

but not everyone can talk, can Chukouchengzhang, humor and language needs to be improved in the day after tomorrow. Webmaster how to expand their webmaster circle, how to improve their popularity, this is a very important problem.

, first of all, have the courage to take the first step.

many people don’t think they have enough charm. They seldom express themselves or promote themselves at the party. In fact, as long as the first step, the road ahead is easy. Now see the king, GJJ and so on the webmaster, they may not be so good at the beginning of the expression, they are also in the day after tomorrow continue to work, and gradually formed now so good at expression and performance. So, Adsense want to develop their own interpersonal relationship, must start from promotion, let others gradually know you, and gradually increase their interpersonal relationship. As long as you have the courage to take the first step, what are you afraid of?

secondly, to have good knowledge and broad knowledge.

if you had the chance to show myself on the stage, and you have hesitated, words without meaning, people talking, or the views expressed by the word obsolete, no feature, cannot leave a deep impression. One minute on the stage takes ten years, want to impress on the stage and the spotlight, natural to make full preparations in Taiwan, read more, enrich their knowledge. To get good interpersonal relationship means to get the love of others. If someone likes you, he will pay more attention to you

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