Local websites have become a bubble Network Era

one, local station from today officially entered the bubble era,

first of all, why emphasize the bubble,


this is because the IDC service providers are now increasing, and the number of individuals is increasing greatly.

now the local stations are basically based on the main categories:

1, housing network

2, local forum

3, wedding

4, making friends,

5, urban life information,

6, 7788 other products about the perimeter of life,

now, when people began to step by step to build these websites, at the same time, the local government also began to strengthen the network interaction, so the individual place now stand not popular foundation that must

will fail!

what is called "just to persist" will be successful, and that should also adhere to the right direction. Otherwise, you insist 5 years, 10 years, 50 years, 100 years, will be sure to succeed? Perhaps your station has been forgotten at that time,


two, do the local station premise:

1, enough time,

2, enough manpower,

3, adequate planning,

4, enough networking,

5, enough local Internet users to participate in

6, enough merchant League,

7, enough technical team,

8, enough promotion capability,

is now standing mostly in the local forum, when the local network of the network everywhere, said the local forum is the most practical website development, but we have not seriously to practice and compare those Promotion Forum on local soft in some obstacles:

, for example, some people who do local stations say something:

1, do not be big and all (shortcomings: if not even a bit of popularity are not there? Where to the big and all, the whole premise is to have members of the interactive support, or open up is a group of empty buildings)


2, must be speculation (inadequacies: even local forums to change some activities, but you do not have a certain forum popularity. Or when some popularity, you can ensure that you engage in the activities of others haven’t done? Did you expect to engage in a successful campaign to how much money? The people involved and activities after the end of the effect, the effect is in fact, however, participate in the activities of people do not necessarily every day of your forum)

3, SEO (Society of shortcomings: now the local station Lane SEO does not exist what has the advantage of large, some need is the need to search, to search for people. And the local station, generally people only remember the name of the station where they often go

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