How to do a good job of blog marketing a few small stickers

With the arrival of Web2.0

, blog marketing from us to believe that not too far away. Last night to see Jacky Wu " I guess " inside, about a 16 year old girl with their own blog products, an annual income of 200 thousand. We realize that the arrival of blog service right now to write an article with you discuss how to make money.


how to use blog marketing, blog marketing done there are several necessary conditions:

1, write your familiar, focused field of content:

must focus your attention on the subject of the blog, and you need to write in a convincing and engaging way to write about the areas you love. Simply put, if you want to attract more people through what you write, you’d better write something very, very interesting. For example, I have some experience in the construction site. I set up a webmaster interaction ( to enrich their website content. Readers can focus on your field if you have enough love to feel from what you write, if you really love your areas of concern if they have may become loyal readers of your blog.

2, with some writing skills:

are you able to write without grammatical mistakes? If you can through the text to communicate concepts and ideas? But you don’t have to worry too much about your writing skills, because your writing skills will be with the development of blog and gradually improve, as long as you stick to it.

3, learn some tips for Blogging:

in addition to the necessary expertise to make sure your blog works properly, you must also understand the structure of the blog and how you can use it to enhance your popularity. You should also have a basic understanding of marketing, you should learn to use what kind of marketing skills to promote your blog on the internet.

4, blog web design has some features:

, what’s the matter? Face is very important. Design also plays a very important role in those successful blogs. Content is definitely king, but an appealing design often leaves the reader with your web site, which makes your blog unique.


: of course, more blogs do not consider using blogs to make money. In fact, no one wants to earn money by blogging,

, but it doesn’t conflict with blogging. It’s imperative that blogs be commercialized. Otherwise, bloggers are hard to follow, and blogging is going to get into trouble. There’s reason to believe that blogs will be better tomorrow,.

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