Discussion on the malpractice of website searching for professionals

National Center for the record would have required is to submit its own registration information, if you in order to save time, to contact the so-called special personnel to give you the record, you may not trouble, some disadvantages of today to talk about the record for professional, professional personnel, most of you don’t need to provide personal information. As long as you provide a domain name, people will be able to successfully enter false information record down.

one, access provider problem

professional is fast, there may be associated with some space business, who submitted the domain name for the record, most of them are taking their input access, until a certain time, when you are ready to put on the domain name, you may have no record number under the access business, then you can record number may at any time to cancel. The money you put on record equals nothing.

is now the so-called professional personnel for the record, is the most personal, and is not associated with space access providers, they just know more than us, which can quickly access the review by, but these are often quickly through space access providers, to a certain period of time they will see the self-examination, which record the domain name some is not their own space business, access providers will remove the record number.

two, filing area

Now the real

can quickly record company charges are more expensive, but they require you to enter the Information Center for the record, I would also like to ask you which one is bound to the country so many provinces, each province, the record companies are not all of the provinces can quickly record down. If it were not for the provinces he knew, it would be impossible for him to take it.

if you find a personal record, most will choose to quickly record the provinces, such as Heilongjiang, Chongqing and so on. These provinces, to tell you the truth, enter your own information, as long as the space access provider has passed and will be down for up to three days. Find a personal record for entering false information, it is better to enter their own false information for the record.

three and other false information questions

if you find the record, they enter the e-mail is his own, even if they give you the record through down, you have to change your password, they can also record personnel through the mail to retrieve, delete the record number at any time, if you input the information is false, then the record checks a center you, the number may be cancelled at any time, you may also enter the domain name blacklist.

generation records, if you talk about the next three days on the record number, if after three days, the record number has not come down, people can not give you the account, of course, the general filing staff will give you. I met one today. He’s dead and alive. Some more filing, he put your domain name input information, has not been on-line, you can not contact him, and so on his line, the domain name may be used more than half of the time. He does not give you the account number, also does not give you to delete the input Rice’s information, you want to record again, which is impossible. You may have your domain name at that time

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