Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of five kinds of through train promotion mode

for many small and medium sellers, just contact the through train, because they do not understand the skills of operation, so always complain straight train burn money, in fact, this is very unnecessary. Why many people have said that the train at a loss, reason is playing out, play is not proficient, will become fodder, become a stepping stone to the big sellers. Through train is a system project, as long as the principles are understood, through practical operations to sum up, in order to have a good ROI (ROI).

on the current five models of promotion, can use all of the shops can basically do guaranteed, and most of the shops are profitable. What are the principles of the five extension models and how to operate them? The author uses his own experience of more than one year to analyze the advantages and disadvantages, and hopes to enlighten the novice.

, the first is activity promotion.

this promotion model is a way of Taobao two small devaluation, because in all the patterns, ROI is the highest. Specific operating modes and techniques, because there is no actual operation, skip here.

second is the star store.

Star shop opening conditions, first of all, have to have their own brands before you can apply. Star store promotion is mainly through the brand name of the Chinese name, foreign name and LOGO to show, such as search Europe, Lufthansa, Europe flagship store, or OSA, will appear in Taobao’s home page:

left position is directly linked to the shop home page, size 270*95, LOGO must appear in the picture, promotional information can be text, but not the first or the best words like. The four position on the right can be linked to the store’s single treasure page. The picture size is 100*35. Star Store keywords around three, namely LOGO, shop name, flagship store name. Bid is 0.54 yuan, and the setting of the region, the time is full time, can not be modified, if you do not want to promote, you can pause. General star shops are set unlimited amount of delivery, because every day through the star store search into the buyer is not a lot, so setting quotas is not necessary. Search star shops are often some of the old customers, has identified the store’s products, so the conversion rate is very high. As far as our Tmall ladies shop is concerned, ROI can do around 1:6, while some other good shops can do more than 1:10. Star store sales promotion in the current store accounted for about 10-15% or so, often in activities, traffic will be relatively large, such as double 11, year-end big promotion, shop sales activities. Because the conversion rate is relatively high, so it can be called a lucrative promotion mode.

third is shop promotion.

The location of the

store promotion is in the ninth location behind the Taobao page, which is the store selection

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