Baidu successfully included the whole process

very surprised, today, Wednesday, Baidu but updated, and my station 100 powder nets | success was included, below and everyone exchange, included in the process, hope to other webmaster useful.

I don’t know SEO, or understand principles, not to do or not to do, will only do SEO only add some keywords, or occasionally occasionally every day to update the website, and the original is false or even direct acquisition, so I a m previously has not been included. I believe there is a great part of the webmaster is such, but always complain about Baidu why not?! or that, should find the reasons of yourself there, you have the original content? Your site has value? You have the chain and so on?… Of course, if everyone is doing, what people call every day, Baidu is not included, where there are people every day to web learning? ~ so hard, everyone knows the truth is not to say, said the whole process of my success included


March 14th, registered new meters, meaning Baidu fans, want to do a Baidu related content website.

in March 19th, just for the record, upload a static page, the contents of the original, made an interpretation of the term "three Chu four", what the specific meaning, we are interested can go here to see

from March 20th to March 31st, two or three new contents have been updated, all of which are single static pages, that is, there are only 4.Htm files in my space.

March 25th, filing successful.

in April 1st, the space was ready, so uploaded a CMS, began to officially add content, but retain the original four static pages.

summary, March 14th to April 1st, the registration of new meters, with DW four static pages, the content of the original every day, get a record number for a space (say for space is not good, I don’t know, not sure, don’t comment.).

from April 1st to April 8th, updated every day, of course, the best original, but I do is information station to do original, but adhere to update, and update time, intends to arrange a day update times, there were 5 articles that have to be updated, I update a 9 point, 10 point more new articles and so on… Individuals feel that spiders will think you are updated over time so that you can more frequently come to your website (similarly, not knowing, not sure, not recommended, purely personal).

daily routine, of course, do not have too much hope, after all, Baidu is now dragging, but every Thursday site when there is no record, >

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