nventory of Golden Triangle the Yellow River job seekers fall in love with the five largest talent

the Yellow River Golden Triangle Economic Zone: Henan city of Sanmenxia Province, Shanxi city of Yuncheng Province, Linfen city and Shaanxi city of Weinan Province, together constitute the core of Jin Shan Yu the Yellow River Golden Triangle provinces edge area "in Shanxi Province, is the center of Yuncheng City Economic circle. Located at the junction of our country and the western region, through North China, Northwest China and Central Plains, we can carry the East, the West and the north through the whole country. The area, which has 58 thousand square kilometers of land and carries 17 million people, is called the Yellow River Golden Triangle economic zone". Now don’t say in the Yellow River Golden Triangle economic development zone is in the country to find work can be said to be more and more difficult, the thought of a key university books or years of work experience in the more difficult it is difficult not to go, but the reality is not so. Looking for a job is difficult, especially fresh graduates, no internship experience, others are too lazy to look at you. On the one hand, enterprises do not want people to change jobs, and on the other hand, they always want to recruit experienced people. Is it not contradictory? Where do you want to go?. A round of job down, summed up here, and find out the basic essence of the essence, it is worth a visit. In order to prove that not Huyou everyone, the profile is intercepted from the original site, and finally make one by one small comment. Of course, there are many other good websites that can help applicants find jobs, but the most commonly used ones are the most practical ones. Naturally, the company’s official website, the school career guidance center website, which no one should miss, is not mentioned here.

1, http://s.www.yunchenghr.com/

excellence network, Yuncheng

comment: Shanxi, Yuncheng, Golden Triangle is the core city center of the Yellow River, the Yellow River, Yuncheng is the largest network of Golden Triangle region, the most professional talent website. Has Sanmenxia, Linfen, Weinan, Yuncheng, 13 counties and cities and other cities of the talent database. Adhering to the "good work, good people do in Yuncheng elite network", and occupied the recruitment market in the Yellow River, Golden Triangle. The most important is: since the Yuncheng talent network officially released, now has a professional database of more than 120 thousand copies, effective, and with its advanced Internet technology and practical management concept, has provided efficient recruitment services for more than more than 10000 member companies, has become a effective tool in recruiting talents a fast, efficient, accurate and practical, human resources management changes to the the Yellow River Golden Triangle area enterprise recruitment.

two, http://s.www.lfrc.com.cn/, Linfen talent network,

comment: in Shanxi Linfen, this is a veteran hero, as ever, with the aid of government power to achieve local overlord position. However, it is not ideal to open a website. After the 2010 Revision, it is only a talent information publishing platform. There is no website like Yuncheng talent network, which is powerful. I hope you can learn from Yuncheng talent network to become an online recruitment network, so that we can give full play to the advantages of talent recruitment network, >

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