Webmaster experience a picture station rape thin


may have young magnificent dream, if there is no magnificent dream what glorious life! So with my dream on the road of the webmaster. Hardships, setbacks, ups and downs, tears, I do not know, many years later, I was still like this, like autumn wind blowing a hero’s dream…

A5 is a good place to learn, he taught me and thousands on thousands of a grass-roots webmaster, we grow up here, learning, communication, cooperation, enjoyable, but A5 can improve our technology and teach us how to make a website! But a lot of the time I did not really understand how to to do a regular webmaster! As you see the title of this article, I think a lot of stampede in the same, some users see the content of your site is not tempted again into the "


dear webmaster, it is twenty-first Century, but is too open, I believe that if Ximen Qing came to this era will be filled with a thousand regrets. What Viagra, gay, bisexual, younger man, love between humans and animals, condoms, inflatable dolls… He… To also show the white feather, shame! Because of the progress of the times, people’s lives become at ease, but the so-called "satiation think of lust, many young children are deeply fallen in inextricably bogged down in Internet pornography

!I hope

can publish such a legal "rape thin innocence", I think "thin" should be induced by all crime, should be punished, at least to pay civil liability. But this is obviously not right, the law of our country, these problems are only induced by instigation of persuasion and education, no penalties, but the search engine advertising alliance and whether you this, your website "thin", you should not blame the "rape" it Google Adsense.

I often hear

pictures of the station owners complain, my station was Google AdsenseK, and then can not help but at Google, said Google Adsense of the post everywhere love K picture stand, we will not do a picture stop! This is simply misleading people! Even the beautiful pictures who can not stand hang GG advertising, who will be K! Figure king made hundreds of thousands of pictures of station is not K, why do you K


so, K, you don’t always complain about Union hackers you find many problems from their own body! In fact do picture stand, even the beautiful pictures stand are very promising, and very safe, as long as you do not have the website, people without any cause or reason the bother you!


do note that the picture stand: the following are a few pictures well SEO slightly


1. do not appear "pornographic", "yellow" and other bad words, otherwise it will be filtered, if you are trying to let users understand, please use pinyin instead of, such as Se love,


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