Where is the outlet of navigation website

a few minutes can have a pretty complete navigation station, as the navigation station source, navigation station became the first network novice website, but so many navigation site, how to bring more traffic to


1. from the navigation site navigation station itself, causing flooding increase its competitiveness, some have a navigation station in space will no longer go to the tube, as can be imagined, this site no one knows for sure, that did not flow. Ism is good, but also to take over the minor changes can be better, therefore, to beautify the site, create a personality, even change the background color of the source program or change the color of the frame will be different to some extent.

2. normal navigation station has no market share to you, but this does not mean that you do illegal site navigation, the leading direction, but can change the navigation station to station, now every webmaster have several stations, some do not know how to do publicity, and some navigation station to PPC, this will cause the website promotion difficult, and now some webmaster navigation website competition is not so fierce, so you can try to do some automatic link exchange friendship navigation station. The automatic chain website at present, at the same time are required to submit a site to do the link, because of this, so relatively few owners will do so, if you link the navigation station does not require owners to submit links to this site, as long as the site can be displayed on the home page, so you have to pay attention to his station webmaster every day. Flow and propaganda so opened.

finally attached to my small negative cubic automatic chain http://s.www.flf123.cn, do not do this site link, direct submission can, welcome all webmaster come to exchange.

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