t’s easy to make money at an information station

It’s easy to make money at

information station,

recently, the factory network engaged in a fiery, hot reason is that its earnings, less than 100 IP each month is a few thousand income. Can be said that many owners affected by the ready to, indeed I was one of them, see his article also want to do a delivery room information on the net, but then I stopped this idea, because I asked myself, I have a local information network 4000IP are not successful development, are not profitable to do a strange project is a bit too blind. So carefully analyzed the information station of some characteristics and suitable for individual Adsense operation mode!


concludes that there are several:

1, take the initiative,

2, false prosperity,

3, expelled the League ad

4, free to the people around advertising

takes the initiative,

briefly, my own situation, made a local information network, 4000IP or so, the amount of information per day hundreds of bar. (due to the prohibition of tourists release, so less) after the analysis of their site status immediately to set myself a position, product salesman, daily task is to see people information after the call site to sell their products, Hello: I am XXXX information network…… see their own ability. This. General 10 phone 3 for your call is objectionable, 4 customers belong to one of the 3 types of perfunctory, more interested in, but the real contact your estimate is 1. A phone is usually about 2 minutes, costing him 5 hair, and 10 is 5. I do not sell advertising sites, marketing is information promotion services, that is, the same information, you can display in the first, the charge is 100 yuan / year. After 1 weeks of personal operation, the collection of 600 yuan, 6 successful marketing, and that feeling is not generally good, ha ha, than I earn 1000 knives feel good, because there is a sense of sureness. So, information station webmaster please take the initiative,


false prosperity

please don’t say I’m not kind, but really no way, after my practice found that now people are very cheap, very cheap, your family consider people not only ungrateful and disgusted. This is also suitable for the type of website advertising, a few days before the two customer QQ I want to find a fixed advertising advertising, advertising, local education training students that began to talk about very well then suddenly to the sentence, you have no website advertising, the effect is certainly not good, then no the news. Appropriate to create a false prosperity is also good, many people are following the trend, for example, on the hotel, people look at the hotel, no one will not go to eat basic, see more people, preferring to line up also go, this is human nature.

expelled the League ad

information site, please remove ad affiliate ads, first, as a successful site for me personally

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