Ways and means to do well in brand key words

at any time of the site to do brand marketing, brand marketing, including micro-blog, Baidu know, Baidu stick, Baidu library, web search. At least when you search for the word, the first one is your website, the best is the home page, all of your web site, of course, does not include negative news.

1, micro-blog rankings: Enterprise Station certification, micro-blog, Tencent, micro-blog, Sohu, micro-blog, and Sina, micro-blog have to register and publish content.

2, web search: so our website must have a brand, whether it’s in the title or in the head of the website. No brand, just like a vegetable market to buy a pound of fruit at any one stall. Next time you don’t know where that stall is. Brand not only to set up, but also choose easy to remember the name, the use of industry keyword brand station, will die slowly. As long as it is not malicious interception, keywords will rank first, first, no index and no reputation brand words, in the early stage, no one will do malicious throttling.

3, Baidu know: buy a large number of Baidu, know the account number, and then do the key questions and answers, search Baidu know keywords, guarantee the first 10 pages are appear our brand question and answer. And in the comments, there is no negative answer, remember to open VPN for IP.

4, paste it: apply for their own stick, and apply to do their own bar, the front of the month is a trial bar. Only a good owner is likely to become the official owner. Paste it different from the site, he did not do well, will not be Baidu drop right, so the post bar ranking is very stable.

5, Wikipedia: now Baidu encyclopedia audit is more strict, do encyclopedia must be patient. Encyclopedia of enterprises do not include industry words, otherwise very sad audit. And can not contain any boast, praise words, when the establishment of the entry, as long as the initial introduction of their brand can be, and other words of praise can be added slowly in the back, it must be modified many times. From the Xiaofeng net loan (http://s.www.wzzb.com.cn/index.html)

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