Six ways of flirting with users make your design more attractive



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remember and love unforgettable dating situation? Before going out to spend time dress makes them look more attractive when they meet; make all kinds of interesting behaviors to communicate with each other: laugh at each other send a beautiful smile when appropriate, ask questions to sell adorable, "accidentally" to rub each other’s hands. The signals say, "I feel good about you. Stay with me. You’ll be happy." then, what about our designs,


how to lure users, so that your design more attractive to users, but also need some means, let’s discuss it together.

means 1. differentiated design

, for example: Clear

this application will be "concise" design concept to achieve just right. Attract users groups to pursue the initial use of the heart dynamic, through innovative ideas for users to create a unique personality, will be in many similar products stand out.

Clear, the biggest feature is not a button, single and double finger gestures through different means to achieve the task bar drag, add delete line, add new tasks, on the lower level interface and so on, almost all of the operations can be used to complete this form of interactive gestures, become the highlight. The use of colors make people feel eyes bright, let the color as a marker of importance, but also can change the interface in theme options inside color, here is not only the visual design designer preferences, but also played a function.

means 2. spice design

example: near

this community application, from the beginning of the boot experience to register to add humorous humor language, so that users feel the communication between products, and actively willing to improve data. Although this is the product users sometimes clearly play a little trick, but has brought a sense of the lines in front of foreplay so, most users will feel very interesting, positive emotion was completely mobilized. Such copywriting is easier for users to accept than simple, boring hints.

if your design fails to attract users, there is a risk that users cannot find meaningful or impressive. Then add a little humor, it can make the interaction more humane, and guide users to produce a lot of positive psychological effect.

means 3. set reward mechanism

stability and controllability are, of course, the key principles of the user interface, but unexpected things can also benefit. Because when users don’t know what to face, their desire is bound to increase.

said it had to mention the clear again:

After the

user empties the entry, the prompt changes. Here is a paragraph

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