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we often talk about "disruptive innovation", and disruptive is exciting and hopeful.

for two years, an entrepreneur has asked me, "where’s the next Groupon" after the passion for buying a website?

I gave a longer answer than he imagined, this is a proposal, but two years later, we still see more "group purchase website" run out "good" daily use (daily deal) the mode of selling other things, such as selling snacks, selling coupons…… It’s a great idea, but it’s a little lost. Besides the "daily comfort", do you have any other ideas?

, we might as well know how to do disruptive innovation in a buy site. You know, the world in pursuit of innovation, the Internet is the pursuit of innovation, so, if you want to in this every day in the innovation of the Internet world do "disruptive innovation", it must be the master of master! In the end group purchase website disruptive innovation where

?Before the

from a simple point of view, in 2009, to sell things on the Internet, has been carried out for at least fifteen years, these fifteen years, the Internet began to sell from books (because of easy performance, you only need to shoot the book), to sell clothes, hats, bags… Then they sell fresh food and air packages…… It’s nothing to be surprised at, but there are some things that haven’t been sold successfully over the last fifteen years.

What does

look like,


, restaurant service, can you sell it on the Internet,


restaurant recommendation Web 2 sites, not! Those star restaurant website or 3D interior website… Not at all, because no websites ever succeeded in selling restaurant services through the Internet before 2009. Because the so-called "sell" should be on the Internet "direct credit card" to buy the service of the restaurant, and then to consumption.

until 2009 the first group purchase website, users can finally start on the Internet, in order to a half price ticket, online pay directly! Pay after the one ticket exchange, by the netizen good collection, as of what important things, but most people will go to the consumer as scheduled group purchase website, ham goods rate (regret rate) is relatively low, the success of so many restaurant service, so direct online "transaction"


the best thing about this pattern is the credit card purchased by these people, and >

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