How to make a new station within a week to see improvement

now make a stand and what is not difficult, difficult is how to from a new station into a flow station, today we talk about how to develop the new station, this is a few days before I get the new station (Qingdao home network), I develop the idea of writing, for your reference under.

when a station built, we are most concerned about is the major search engines, to be included in search engines is a very troublesome thing changmen station, a railway station, how fast the search engine, you can start from the following aspects: first, do your site, stand we all love nature, search engine is the same.

second is to guide the spider to climb the station you, that someone may ask, how to guide the spider? Many methods, such as friendship connection, go to the forum, blog posts, and is the product of BAIDU to bring your connection, but if you choose to send connection you must pay attention to a to measure BAIDU products, a new BAIDU products in a large number of connection will die soon.

third is to do friendship connection,

do the above, you will have a bit flow station, real development is starting from this time, this time there is a certain flow you can find some with you about the flow of the station to do some advertising exchange.

you can also find some unpopular keywords to do some SEO., but I’ll look for some popular traffic, very large. Qingdao decoration company

myself by Qingdao home decoration network finishing Qingdao decoration company

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