Kingsoft personal webmaster please give a statementWPS active users Promotion Alliance


now we only keep backup 08 years 1-6 months of data, 08 years before the data are not reserved, can view the alliance membership agreement, eight, Cooperation Commission: 4. of the settlement, the book balance must be more than the minimum payment of commission membership quota: 100 yuan including 100 yuan. If you do not meet the minimum payment commission limit, it will automatically accumulate until next month. If you do not reach 100 yuan for three months, the payment will not be paid and the account will be renewed. http://s.m.union.kingsoft/index.php, module=index& act=showtext& obj=protocol

network system due to huge data statistics, this year in June 5, part of the webmaster settlement data, in order to ensure the normal operation of data in the future, technical treatment for 08 years before emptying the July data, all data are recalculated from the promotion in July 08.

For example:

500 – 19999

special note: in order to safeguard the interests of the owners, if the active user increment is negative ie: active day users – the day before the active user is negative, then the active users of the day increments calculated in accordance with 0.

08 years 1-6 months export data to meet the remittance conditions of the webmaster, we have remittance finished. If the remittance conditions are not met, after July, the amount of the previous data will be reissued as soon as the remittance conditions are met.

1 – 499

today issued a notice as follows important about 08 years before the July Wangmeng data clear that

active user increments

active user increments unit price


0.7 yuan

alliance project goal: to increase the number of 2005 WPS Office. The specific assessment data is the increment of WPS Office 2005 active users. That is to say, your website allows more people to install and actually use WPS Office 2005, then the webmaster’s income will be higher.

today to see this announcement, I think we should withdraw, our efforts in vain, you how many dozens of his dozens, dozens of the country!!!!!! is WebUnion invalidate!!!! this is a listed company to do??

? 1, you must register to become Jinshan membership.

2, this product promotion website, content is healthy, malicious promotion. Be able to place WPS topics on the front page of the site. In particular, welcome all kinds of resumes, papers, resource materials, download sites, Office application sites, industry portals, original literary websites to apply for admission.   

later learned that this sentence appears when you registered Kingsoft, the bottom of a league member agreement, I don’t know how many owners will see the alliance member agreement.

Address: m.union.kingsoft

active users are users of WPS Office 2005 that are installed and have practical usage.

Kingsoft WPS project payment specification

I immediately found a few WebUnion, introduced in the home page the project guide website novice master FAQ are not found if three months did not reach 100 yuan, not to give the payment, and start accounting, this sentence

three, improve the 4 important methods of the performance of
2, improve the installation: installation is the use of the foundation, only more people installed in order to use to lay a good foundation for more people. Therefore, strongly recommend placing WPS in the webmaster website home page prominently ad

webmaster Commission and website brings WPS active users increment is proportional to, the website brings WPS active user growth more, Adsense income is higher.

urged the Kingsoft to give everyone a >


0.6 yuan

at present, we have 08 years ago on July data cleared a lot of questions, in this specific explanation.

the day before the mid day active users increment and

two, commission description

we all know, for small personal webmaster, advertising is mainly GG, such as click union alliance website advertising supplement is installed to the Jinshan, unless it is large or small download stations, most webmaster is difficult to three months to reach 100 yuan, is likely to reach half a year or longer. Maybe you will laugh, but the 100 yuan can at least give domain renewal, so many webmaster put in Jinshan advertising

everybody stationmaster, everybody good,



, a join condition

20000 or more

0.5 yuan

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