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I remember when I entered the line, I chatted with an investor friend. I mentioned that the investment industry is an industry which is hard to accumulate. Because there are too many factors in the success. Luck takes a lot of weight, so I’m looking for a relatively effective methodology for judging projects.

an assumption that, if back in 1994, when the sea fishing in Sichuan just opened in Jianyang, the year before the Longhu real estate was established in Chongqing at this time, the general manager of two companies to find your financing, which one would you vote? Longhu’s current market value of 57 billion 419 million Hong Kong dollars, but until 2016 the sea fishing Yihai international completed before the backdoor listing, the total market value of only $3 billion 224 million, but this is the sea bottom material part of the business valuation, but it is the main catering business merged, valuation is also difficult to go beyond Longhu.

chat with projects continue to increase, I also try to use economic methods to quantify and refine the general rules of the project, although the experience is still shallow, but there are still some harvest willing to take out and colleagues to discuss.

first of all, for different industries, I think some industries have the opportunity to run out of great companies, some industries are difficult, specific can see the world’s top 500 list every year. The top companies are technology, finance, energy, health care, the automotive and telecommunications industries. It’s difficult for you to see an acting company or a takeaway company ranking high.

at the same time, Lei Jun repeatedly suggested amending the law may reflect an indisputable fact: Despite the boom in promoting national double support under the step forward, but the relevant laws and regulations and no corresponding follow-up adjustment. Since eighteen years, a series of policies and measures of the State Council on changing functions, decentralization and optimization services and the introduction of implementation, such as commercial system reform, to improve the environment for innovation has played a significant effect. But the support of the public business system construction is still inadequate, the first is that the "company law" has lagged behind the current economic situation and management situation change rapidly.

NPC and CPPCC to award, Kingsoft and millet technology founder, chairman Lei should be nominated for four participants in four recommended the "company law" the appropriate repair method to match the entrepreneurial environment. "Entrepreneurship is a close call, this I have the experience deeply." Since 2013, the National People’s Congress, Lei Jun believes that the most important label is an entrepreneur, "as long as more than a percentage point of the company can survive to do well, in fact, an increase of 10%."." He believes that the improvement of the entrepreneurial environment is the most important thing in today’s whole innovation.

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time to 2000, South Beauty is only opened soon, sipping Xiabu established two years, this time the two companies financing BP are placed on your desk, you will choose which? South Beauty is currently operating difficulties, the founder has been retired, the valuation fell to 1 billion yuan, but had preserved in 2014 to complete the listing had preserved. The current market value of HK $5 billion 436 million.

an assumption that, if back in 1994, when the sea fishing in Sichuan just opened in Jianyang, the year before the Longhu real estate was established in Chongqing at this time, the general manager of two companies to find your financing, you will vote what a

here I need to introduce a concept that LTV Long Term Value, LTV is composed of two parts, one is the single customer consumption for the company to provide value, we are set to P; the other is a customer in the company of consumption frequency T, LTV=P*T.

from the beginning of 2013, the first mention of the business on the problem Lei business registration, transfer of shares; in 2014, in addition to the terms of the preference, he put forward the suggestion that simplify the company registration process and other related results for the purchase invoice title; in 2015 he proposed to amend the system of human capital and enterprise liquidation distribution system, amend the relevant provisions of the stock shares and share repurchase.

innovation is a driving force for the continuous progress of the country, and the entrepreneurial environment is also a public resource, and the government plays an important role in shaping a good entrepreneurial environment. The formation of entrepreneurial environment generally has two ways, one is to rely on the natural market generation, and the other is the government consciously to shape and build. As a result of the public characteristics of the entrepreneurial environment, the government needs to play a leading role in it and give more opportunities to "Lei Jun".

in the past year, in support of the national entrepreneurial boom under the innovation, to hitherto unknown height, but it is after the boom, many innovation incubator facing the empty nest closed, perhaps from the side reflects the innovation dilemma difficult to continue.

for Real Estate Company, the P value is particularly high, a real estate business to sell you a house can be a hollowed out of a person’s lifetime savings, i.e. high value customers for Real Estate Company to provide products to pay. But of course, >

NPC and CPPCC this year, Lei Jun will almost over the past few years, the core content is again again, he suggested that the "company law" should be "free agreement" principle, to accept the human capital, solve the shareholders equity ratio agreed limit shareholder settlement procedures free agreement set in the limit, the full implementation of the preferred stock, increase shareholder free space agreement. At the same time, the implementation of the articles of association, industry and Commerce filing system, to improve the entrepreneurial environment for innovation, and promote public entrepreneurship, innovation.

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, let’s compare the beginning, for example, when you face different industries of the company, how to choose?.


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