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08 is a new year, I began to think of ways to make a formal Wangzhuan project, want to want to build a station. Do Wangzhuan also have to rely on. I bought the domain name and set up a space station, which content is to teach novice how to make money, because they have several years of experience, has seen much of the world, but also some understanding of wangzhuan. In fact, people in the past few years the development has begun to another level. Now the Wangzhuan environment has not had confusion, so pure, do Wangzhuan novice should pay attention to what those earning 500, basic is a lie. What we can do is to find a good project and stick to it. I stand: Chinese Wangzhuan forum jiayuan178.cn established for half a year, I am ready to do a regular station, mainly to promote and teach some Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice knowledge, we have time.

I’m sorry now. The news times I was really deserted. Some people earn thousands of dollars every month by the times. Because when the news came out, I didn’t pay much attention to it. Now, a few years have passed and the news times have grown a lot. Is one of the earliest China Wangzhuan company. 07 years, I was promoted to the sophomore, school is not heavy, mainly to do some part-time small projects, what to vote, click Yes, I have done the investigation, but earn too little, ten dollars I a. Also made a few blogs during the project, but the blog is not convinced, others see a blog is rarely joined, would rather do those regular web site offline. I think the second half of a master, said he received three hundred yuan to teach me how to make money, because when too want to make money, immediately remitted in the past, my life is good, the teacher taught me to do GG advertising, but is cheating. He helped me get a single page of English, one page of English articles, cancer, tumor, what kind of advertising, one click 1 dollars, and sometimes 3 U. S. dollars, the unit price is surprisingly high. I got thirty dollars a night for 100 people. At that time money is really crazy, I Wangzhuan the first pot of gold to come this way. Then, GG seems to have heard the wind, my GG account to K, and then no income.

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three years ago, I came to study in a big city from a rural child. I chose the major is very simple, I hope to be free. Later, I found e-commerce good, because it is selling things online, you can stay at home all day. In school, e-commerce is not very popular, if it is in a big city. One day I was browsing the news on the Internet. I saw a story about making money from my home computer and earning a lot of money every month. I think, anyway, the hostel has computer I used it, so he joined the army of wangzhuan. The first item I did in the beginning was the news times. I thought it was quite formal, but I thought it was troublesome and hung up and gave it up. Hung did not earn a penny for two months, but learn some Wangzhuan skills.

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