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business model, vs profit model, vs revenue stream,

in deep mining of different profit model, we should take the time to discuss the "business model", "profit model" and "income stream" distinction, because these words are often confused. In the article "profit model, income stream and business model", AlexGenadinik makes a good explanation. The main points are summarized as follows:


There are many types of

profit models, and I don’t want to enumerate them. However, the following 10 are the most popular and effective profit models, and companies have adopted these profit models both in size and size.

Genadinik’s article, in different profit models, talks about some of the more common profit models, and many start-ups that have emerged recently have made their first sale with these models. Here are some of the profit models he mentioned:

business model is a structure that includes all aspects of the company, including profit models, income streams, and descriptions of how these things come together.

Abstract: start-ups have which of the ten profit model? Remember to do the research, take the time to determine what kind of start-ups mode for your ideal, because once you determine the profit model, especially if you are in the early stage, it is very difficult to choose the other way.

profit model type

profit model is a strategy for managing the company’s revenue streams and the resources needed for each revenue stream.


advertising based profit model refers to creating advertising for specific websites, services, app or other products, and then placing them on strategic, high traffic channels. If your company has a web site, or you’re a web based company, shlf1314’s Adsense is the most common tool for advertising

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so here we need to prepare a comprehensive guide to all, clear summary of some of the most common profit model of start-ups to sell products, as well as the advantages and disadvantages, so as to help you choose the best of their company’s profit model.

no matter how good your product or service or app is, it’s the only way to use the target customer. But once things are finalized, it should be easy to sell, isn’t it?. When you are ready to market, there are numerous factors to consider, such as in what industry, selling web based products, or physical hardware, channels used to attract customers, and so on.

revenue streams are a single source of revenue for the company. Depending on the size, the company can have 0 to more revenue streams.


1, advertising based profit model

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