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, a person in charge told me today that the manufacturers owe their money and they will try to recover their debts and then be part of the payment team. Also hope that the webmaster understand if you don’t understand, I don’t need to endure until today, this article, ask your alliance who understand me, also said that if I don’t believe, you can ask the manufacturer directly. It is not you can make, let manufacturers give money how I feel as if I were to do as soon as possible, direct advertisers advertising, but I am in nine wins Alliance 9V under the effect of the first ad.

in any business, demand is always the first priority.

some people will say that the most important business model, some people say the most important how to make money, some people say the most important finding, in theory are good, but I still think it is a return to nature, needs, or needs is the first important. There is no demand, in fact, the latter are not set up.

but when it comes to business, our imagined needs and pain points can be quite different from what they actually are. The difference between an imaginary solution and an effective solution is also very large. The only way to find the right way is by trying to keep on approaching the program. No one can clearly see what the future business is, only by trying.

Before talking about lean entrepreneurship,

what is it? The answer is not unique. I think the Tao is a general trend or a dividend. As long as the trend right, what if the situation is wrong, effort, what are effective.

It is said that nine wins

I am dizzy, that is the truth, the person in charge of nine wins alliance, you dare to stand up and tell us the webmaster, your model is so. Your honesty is such? Companies owe you money, you can we owe money right!? manufacturers don’t trust, you can not talk about the credibility of commitment!? what month week end, it is that!? honesty, customer first is this

BAT dividend in the enterprise management level is China’s Internet users grew from zero to eight hundred million, thunder bonus is the popularity of broadband Internet, millet company’s bonus is smart phones. Any business that is going up fast must be on top of the trend, and only then can it be efficient.

is at A, because B is the nearest to me, and B will be the target. As a result, walking and walking may suddenly fail


is the WeChat public number. Is it still easy now? It’s really hard. The public dividend is over, and so is micro-blog. Because of the flood of information, people have been too lazy to take the initiative to open the public number. But today’s headlines have bonus, launched a micro headlines, Liu Qiangdong, Lei Jun have come in, promotion efforts are very large. So we remember a rule, open platform in the early days will have a wave bonus, because to brand out, must first tree samples.

? The entrepreneur in

should first explain to you that lean entrepreneurship is an art, not a road. The road is more strategic, the road is wrong, the technique is no use.


diagram 1:

I don’t understand the alliance, also need to have an understanding of time account, not vague excuses. I was nine wins the union staff but for a month, I just couldn’t help write the article to call.

you look at this article Webmaster: such a thing happened, who is not willing to be parties, please look at the friend, please stretch out your hand, help top up, we look down, look at the nine wins alliance is how to treat the matter, see nine wins alliance is the turtle is honesty. In addition, I will thank you very much for your patience.

investment depends more on the general trend, in 2011 and 2012, as long as the Internet to recognize the track, you cast a variety of APP, as long as the team does not frustrate, the effect must be very good. From an investment point of view, the general trend is even more important than the efforts and diligence of investors.


, the data is not easy to reveal, see, forgive,


two, what is lean,

, for example:

said, "the economic development of the past 20 years is the largest dividend in Chinese history.". I cite these examples to tell you that the general situation is more important. Lean entrepreneurship is just a matter of skill. Of course, there are many people who can see the trend, but how can we see the trend at the same time do it, this is lean entrepreneurship can help everyone, that is, today we want to talk about the topic.

is now the winter of the Internet, everyone’s life is not good, it is at this moment can reflect the integrity of the valuable. I shouted honesty, honesty nine win, when the real test comes, you don’t do the tortoise, give us these Adsense a faith-based action.

but I’ve been in the advertising League for 1 months. In December, I got two thousand bucks and didn’t give 1 cents. I know other Adsense more miserable, some 2 months of advertising costs have been in arrears. I’ve been looking for them for 1 months, and I don’t have a clear answer, always excuse me.

advertising alliance is a faith-based, customer first alliance.

one, lean entrepreneurship is art, the general trend is Tao

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