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      no matter how good reason deduction amount is unforgivable, Chinese in this business environment has deteriorated to the point where incapable of further increase because of advertising, and publishers have acquiesced in this phenomenon, even if your league really does not deduct the amount, the publisher will be considered impossible.

      sh419 Alliance on the issue of treatment and shlf1314 Adsense completely opposite, they do not withhold click income, as long as there are in the report click generate income, so we will find the sh419 alliance to promote the theme of the advertising price is relatively stable.

      in fact, this is an error in understanding, because most of the league is directly click on the number, and very few revenue deduction. This is shlf1314 Adsense’s clever, it will give you all of the click data, but which is considered invalid clicks that there is no income, so shlf1314 is the amount of money deducted rather than deduction amount.

, founder of innovation factory, who spent 17 months on cancer, returned after the Spring Festival. In addition to launching new projects, Li Kaifu also showed the media "Innovation workshop," 2014’s transcript".

, as an investor, I don’t worry about the commercialization of Mito at all." Li Kaifu said, "I think the MiTo company still has a lot of new products, new market in the development of course, Wu internal research on how to commercialize Xinhong they do quite a lot, I believe they know what means to make money, profitable way is very much."

innovation works began to invest in Mito company in 2013, "at that time, the more than 20 year old entrepreneurs rarely, and Wu Yan hung after the chat, found him very down to earth, especially focus on products, is also very cute, say a few words will blush. I think employees must like this kind of boss very much." Li Kaifu recalls.

      the legend shlf1314 Adsense does not deduct the amount of

and hardware is another great opportunity for mito. Late last year, angel investor, long capital founder and Mito company

      the sh419 alliance did what they thought was invalid or cheating clicked out and didn’t count it in the report. Many publishers have found sh419 and shlf1314 in the same location

"Innovation workshop" is often regarded as an angel or incubator, but in fact we are an early investment institution with a $500 million fund. In 2014 alone, we posted more than $100 million, mainly around the A round, with a single investment ranging from $500 thousand to $10 million. Our investment projects in recent years have been close to or more than 100 million U. S. dollars valuation." Li Kaifu told the China economic weekly.

 :     the amount of advertising is that the advertising alliance gives a click report that is different from the actual click, usually less than the actual number, so it is called a button.

as investors, of course, want to see returns, this return is only the number of users is not enough, earnings figures are king. Although the valuation of Mito is very high, the number of users is also very large, but Mito products have not been large-scale profitability, the commercialization of Mito is still groping.

although the current valuation of the United States has been very impressive, but Li Kaifu believes that there is still room for U.S. plans to rise. There are two reasons: first, the number of users in China can be ranked in the top three, and there are several APP products are particularly fire. The map is one of the few can be verified to develop a number of hundreds of millions of users of the APP company, from the United States to the United States to shoot, this is we rarely see, because this is the Tencent of this kind of large company to do; and the potential map of the future is that it is to expand overseas, beautify the picture of this demand it is a global demand, so the future is not only in Chinese, plus a times of overseas users is possible. On the present basis, Mito could become a global company." He said.

      because put shlf1314 Adsense knows that the shlf1314 Adsense income report data and their statistics to almost, even if there is a gap is not too big, at least can prove that shlf1314 Adsense did not cheat on the number of clicks on.

      shlf1314 Adsense due to price changes is very large is invalid click income is deducted, and the number of clicks is relatively stable, so directly affect the price.

 :     there is a very depressing saying: China’s online advertising alliance does not amount to anything. It is not unusual for an advertising alliance to withhold information fraud, but it is not normal for every new alliance to take as much publicity as an official election is not corrupt.

      sh419 alliance Koudian do not deduct money

The combination of

Innovation workshop was founded in 5 years, has hatched more than 150 projects, the highest valuation is the MiTo company, the valuation has reached 2 billion U. S. dollars equivalent to Sohu’s market value. In addition, there are pea pods, known as dragonflies, FM and other more than 20 projects, valued at more than 100 million U.S. dollars.

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