History the most cattle blog more than a dozen articles PR value is equal to 6China nternet start

2, a community investment judgment, with Alibaba and other listed companies, this concept stocks in the United States has been in the top of the wave, judging from the future trend, in 2015 the United States market would like 2014 easily, and whether the capital market will have to fall still many unknowns, which also makes a lot of startups I hope back in the capital market, to catch the last bus, in order to reduce more uncertainty.

in fact, the capital market has described this year as "stock market year", in the past 10 months, there have been Jingdong, jumei, China auto rental, Alibaba and many other stocks to the United States IPO. With a car rental Hi, unfamiliar street and other listed companies, statistics from the number in 2014, has been nearly 4 years, the United States IPO China number up to a year.

good title: Black brother blog article titles are very attractive, that he is in the title are relatively hard, his title is not popular method that has a certain uniqueness, but also very attractive. So everyone in writing soft Wen, the title to work hard, should try to be unique and attractive, of course, can’t blindly title party, at least to cooperate with excellent content.

car rental application EHI next week on the New York stock exchange, which is the second China auto rental, second domestic car rental to the main business of the company in the United States IPO. In addition to a car, not long ago, the domestic mobile social applications unfamiliar street also submitted to the SEC IPO application, to be listed on the nasdaq.

good content: his article content, I have carefully read, I think the black brother can not be finished in one breath, because the content is more comprehensive, in summary, almost impossible to find the modifiers are beautiful, colloquial sentence understandable, so no matter your cultural level, reading it is very easy, very cordial. At the same time, his ideas are so clear that he doesn’t seem to know anything about it.

himself is also a rookie webmaster, usually collected some well-known blog in the industry, when there is time to go around, study and learn the experience of elders.

through inquires the reverse link of YAHOO, will be about 2000 of the chain, only a dozen articles, there are so many chains, indicating reprint rate is very high. His blog promotion method is the main soft, explain the good soft Wen, power is really very powerful. Read his article carefully, and get a lot of experience in writing soft text.

good location: most of his blog articles to study Adsense money making methods, website making money, skills, methods, these are the most interesting topics of the webmaster, so the article naturally popular. So when you write the soft text, you have to locate your article to see who, and who are interested in, of course, the more interested in your article, the natural influence of soft Wen will be greater.

today, as usual, to open small brother’s website to earn money blog, found that black brother wrote an article that is updated PR value, his blog from 0 to 6 at one fell swoop. I have doubts at first, only four or five months on the line, and the whole blog only a dozen articles, like recently for a long time did not update the article, if the site is up to 6 is not very strange, but a little more difficult compared to the blog, blog PR 5 have very few are well-known the blog, such as Moonlight blog PR 5. My first reaction is to suspect that his PR value is hijacked, so I immediately went to some well-known Webmaster Tools website, inquires the small brother’s blog whether there is Hijacking behavior. Query several sites, show the PR value of xiaoheige: 6, the PR value of the site is true. As shown in Figure:

first point: soft Wen’s power is very powerful,

in addition, ganji, mogujie and other start-up companies are also on the IPO to tell us the news from the investment bank, Ganji and mogujie two companies recently being the capital market and the frequent contact, Ganji has with a number of underwriters in secret negotiations. The other party did not disclose the market network IPO and its contact with the specific name of the Underwriters, but said that from data analysis, Ganji IPO successful possibility is high.

in fact, this year’s IPO thunder and China auto rental 2 companies as early as 2011 had planned to go to the United States listed, but because of the listing window closed, resulting in IPO progress delayed 3 years.

1, first of all, the United States two years ago due to short muddy water short bodies netqin, 360, American investors began to make stocks of distrust, resulting in a large number of stocks in the long-term undervalued, but with the American economy to pick up, China audit supervision and other issues in the game vip, YY, and soaring stock price, resulting in a large number of overseas investors began to re-examine the concept stocks, the stocks in this year laid the foundation for recovery, vip and other companies in the past have to bleed listed for IPO, and this year the listing of stocks generally received a "reasonable price".

good platform: the article written in good, there is no good platform to pass

/ Sohu IT micro Wen

3, for start-up companies, listed as soon as possible, can reduce operational risk. Although IPO will be regulated by SEC, it will also be from the company brand, cash flow two parties

blog can also rise to 6, I have a bright eye, small brother’s blog value of my good research, such as soft writing methods, promotion methods, you can study some doorways out. Through simple research, I summed up two points to share with you.

is the reason for all start-ups have chosen to get together IPO this year, through inquiries, we learned that there are three important reasons:

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