The first task of entrepreneurship difficult period 9 things should do good leadershipFrom security

once a bullet flew past the Lieutenant’s ear, and he was really afraid. But he realized that he had to conquer this fear because his soldiers were watching him so as to direct how they should react.

in the store when security, he attentively observed learning, study consumer psychology, study how to sell things to sell out, how the supermarket management of goods. When he knew that a small bottle of cosmetics could sell for 300 pieces, he was shocked and determined to sell. Two years later, he resigned from business, with his own 20 thousand yuan, opened the first cosmetics shop. A year later, it was opened to 8.

3. also remember that the task is ahead of you.

the only effective way to "task first" is that if your people really believe, you’re willing to put the task in front of you. This means that you can risk your own safety for someone else in your mission. On the other hand, this means that you will sacrifice your short-term interests for the purpose of the team. Otherwise, how do you let your people do this,

one, the door should look like other people,

recently, American journalist and entrepreneur Bill Murphy Jr. once saw a retired 26 year old lieutenant. They talked about what the lieutenant had learned in the 82 days of the campaign to lead the 40 fighters. Perhaps many people do not lead a platoon to experience fire, but using these principles, no matter what challenges you face, you can greatly enhance your effectiveness as a leader.


days seem to be going well. One day, he saw a stall selling bra, a 10 yuan of underwear, one hour turnover actually sold almost 1000 yuan! And he does not sit, founded the city beauty wind underwear company, which is the predecessor of urban women now.

courage doesn’t mean lack of fear. Of course, as a leader, you must face the negative situation blindly before you recharge. It means you don’t allow your fears to become contagious. If your team is confident that you can make smart decisions in difficult times, your team needs to believe that you can control yourself.

principle applies to any leadership scene. Think ahead about how you will react to difficult situations, and you will break the rules at important times to respond quickly and adapt.


Zheng Yaonan doing something quite Li Jiacheng style, his expansion strategy is contrarian hunters. By the end of 2013, the city beauty terminal sales of nearly 6 billion, more than 5800> stores

even if the gatekeeper, he also wants to be the best inside the gatekeeper. He will keep in mind the names of everyone who goes in and out and call them directly when they meet. Because of his intelligence, a few months later, he moved from the security at the main gate to the store for security. For others, it’s just another place to watch the door. For Zheng Yaonan, it was a big change in his life.

Zheng Yaonan has always believed in four words: God helps those who help themselves. This is also his biggest experience for entrepreneurs.

Zheng Yaonan’s success, and his body on this research strength inseparable. Today, Zheng Yaonan has at least 40 days a year, reads at least one book a month, and keeps a diary every evening. He always brings a book with him, and when he chats with others, he finds some useful ideas. People who have met Zheng Yaonan say that he speaks very well. Who would have thought he would have graduated from a technical school? This is the result of constant learning.

I dark horse reading: 20 years ago, a small security, from home with 500 yuan to Shenzhen. Now, he is the city beauty boss Zheng Yaonan, the annual turnover of 6 billion yuan. 20 years, he is how to put cock wire counter attack remember,

the world has been changing, and the market is constantly changing. There is a Chinese saying, "thirty years, Hedong, thirty years, Hexi."." But now the years of strength and change are already well below thirty years. Even if the enterprise in the growth, it will encounter challenges, and leadership in the face of challenges, but also highlight the true colour of a hero.

attention, Zheng Yaonan is the one on the right.

, but remember to complete the task with minimal input. Even if the task is the first, we should put people in mind to complete the task.

2. remember, task first.

4. relies on your preparation.

1995, Zheng Yaonan 20 years old, when it was the spring breeze blowing reform. Zheng Yaonan took 500 dollars from his hometown in Fujian, Gutian, and ran to Shenzhen. Only secondary technical graduates, he can find the first job, is in WAL-MART China headquarters security guard.

because you have the trust of the team, you are responsible for the team. First of all, you should give them a goal that is worth working for, and you need to show that you are willing to do it at any cost.

two, his expansion strategy: contrarian hunters


is more than ten years, many people go without a single success. Zheng Yaonan, the boss of city beauty, has become one of China’s richest people from the bottom of the society, and has produced a wonderful "counterattack".

1. control your fears,

in the field, treat soldiers with severity, intuition, and compassion

5. tough, but also tender

, the lieutenant has been preparing for the fight for several years. He was drafted into the army, 4 years in West Point, after graduation 2 years of training. But this kind of training doesn’t get you ready for real situations, but it’s just close to the truth.

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