Harvard professor after the economic slowdown someone went bankrupt Why did anyone grow backHow to

buys a relatively cheap car.

first of all, Tang Seng Seng in the Tang Dynasty market side has connections, he has won the official and folk Tang Datang common recognition, this point, other people are unable to compare. Secondly, with the Buddhist monk the supplier is involved, such as Guanyin admired him, and he may also secretly love guanyin. Finally, Tang’s monk is more pious to Buddha and has a good reputation. Think about these things yourself?.

even so, only by these, he still can not find a partner, of course, the Tang army will protect him, but these people are listening to act, no effort, no ability. And Wukong, they have to follow the Scriptures, the front has said, and Guanyin have behind the scenes trading.

, you must not think that Tang’s monk has convinced Sun Wukong, let the "Western scriptures learn from the scriptures" this noble cause, by the monk’s personal goals, has become a common goal of the whole team. Sun Wukong followed to learn, mainly because of Guanyin and he made a deal, he promised to guarantee monk Tang, you can be rescued, or else, Guanyin will not let Tang Jiusun, that pressure stick, Tang simply can not be exposed. Furthermore, the sun has righteousness, Tang is off to grace to him, not trustworthy, then can’t survive in the world fairyland and the demon world. Finally, the goddess of mercy gave him a hoop, not to go. In addition to these, the Scriptures have no attraction for him. Success in fairy class, that he didn’t care.

Schwab is an economic discount financial company, they established in 1974 the oil crisis in the 1960s, by giving customers a discount service economy, rapid development.

is actually from Tang, Tang, and three people as a common aspiration. I learn, in order to protect his territory. The benefit of his people, create a generation of grand spirit; Buddha sutras, in order to expand his Buddhist influence, more incense money; Tang Priest, in order to repay the Zhiyuzhien Paul Tang, he Jiangshan existence, but also to the Purdue, achievements of his generation of monks monks reputation immortal. Guanyin to operate this thing, it is subject to the orders of the Tathagata, the bishop has order, he had to do. Sun / pig / sand / horse, none of them have lofty ideals of learning from the Scriptures, or they are attracted by the prospect of fairy class. They all have behind the scenes transaction with guanyin.

understanding of customer changes

so that’s not to say that the economy is slowing, we can’t sustain growth, but we need to make some adjustments.

March 10th, Harvard Business School professor John · Quelch boarded the chaotic business school innovation platform, bring the "enterprise marketing context of economic slowdown".

says a few words for entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the Internet without finding a technical partner.

the capital market turmoil, rising unemployment, declining consumer confidence and retail sales are flat. Does that mean we can’t achieve growth in the context of economic slowdown,

/ Zhu Jiyu,

one, why does monk Tang have Sun Wukong cooperation,

two, why do you have to go to Tang Seng monk

has increased its sensitivity to price.


the economic slowdown, whether will curb sustained growth of enterprises? Quelch said, not necessarily because of difficult times often means great opportunities.

consumers will pay more attention to the price, but also spend more time to compare inquiries, and then try to find the best quality products at this price, as far as possible to reduce impulsive consumption.


delayed buying: for example, some people were meant to buy a new car, but now it’s delayed until the end of the year.

customer changes: reduce spending,

for brands that don’t know very well, they’re not

well, even if you are the monk, you need Wukong, but Wukong does not need you, how can you succeed after the Scriptures, those nonsense needless to say, Wukong do not care. So, you want to find the pressure in the mountain, to not stretch Wukong, save him, and give him a inhibition, in addition you have to pray, you met is a righteous, important abide by wukong. Call affectionately, without even a fart.

what changes will happen to customer behavior if consumers begin to lack confidence in the economy?

I’d like to give you an example.

understand the changes in enterprise costs

understanding of changes in enterprise marketing strategy

because your customers are injured right now, they are having a hard time, so your idea is to help them solve the problem and tide over the difficulties. So, when the economy slows down, it’s better to take advantage of the crisis to make a strong transition from recession to anxiety.

next, let’s talk about how we can adjust to keep the growth of enterprises under the trend of economic downturn. I divide the content into three aspects:

in the Internet industry


reduces experimental shopping.

reduce the frequency of buying: for example, I like Haagen Dazs ice cream very much. I wanted to eat it before, and now I want to eat it when I want to eat it. I eat it once a week, instead of eating it once a month.

will reduce expenses first.

Instead of buying the best car I can afford, ?

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