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about the entrepreneurial mind here is not to say, to talk with friends today is the business of mobile Internet content, the article is that society is too serious, can only be regarded as a prequel, moreover also promised to write articles about the content of entrepreneurship to the next, so this article is the point.

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the last time I wrote, after reading some of my friends said not ready to start, and friends jokingly I said to dispel his entrepreneurial enthusiasm, in fact, do not fight the battle unprepared "when and where are justified, entrepreneurial way so many, in can leveraging case why to fight a lone battle terribly fatigued? Probably doer will think only do to force myself to do it, a similar approach most suitable for strong people.

segments from the mobile Internet to start: subdivision is easy, practice is difficult, there are still mobile

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mobile Internet has changed the business environment: first parallel, then confused, move to bypass

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Internet to mobile Internet development, is still the service is king of the times, but the environment changed, by changing the parallel line of the cross line, two conditions have overlapping part, so the business model has undergone great changes, the rise of O2O mode is the reason. In this environment, to do business online and offline double consideration, the model is much more complex than in the past, in the face of many variables, TABLE and other Internet giants are also difficult to monopolize all fields. Therefore this for entrepreneurs is a golden opportunity to make some innovation as long as the patterns in the giants are difficult to do, get the banks’ recognition, developed a great chance, such as group purchase, taxi and other Internet based projects in recent years is the industry leader.

previously mentioned model innovation, the easiest thing to do is to create a new pattern in segments, but to achieve this point in the traditional Internet is not easy, because you think the project giants are doing, you must arm twist but the giants of the thigh. Relatively speaking, this is still good, if your entrepreneurial project is the giants fancy, as long as the giant also entered the line, basically you are finished, they learn

people often use the Internet as a profession, it is not right, and the first line of the Internet are two, so before the Internet business model is service-oriented, portals and search engines can reflect this function of the Internet, people for a variety of network promotion project is the enterprise the merchant, to the later social network is to provide services for the people, even the electricity supplier, the electronic business platform to large shopping malls such as the line, to provide services for buyers and sellers.

The traditional

here, I briefly talk about some views on the mobile Internet, and I hope to help the mobile Internet entrepreneurs do not know how to start friends.


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