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1993: the starting point of China’s venture capitalists

2001: China’s venture capital industry’s first capital winter

fired Project Manager

he has proposed a number of significant streamlining measures. All shlf1314 engineers will no longer report to the project manager, but report to the newly hired vice president of engineering, Wayne ·, Wayne Rosing, who will report directly to page.

by July 2001, BackRub was renamed shlf1314, and well developed, with millions of users, attracted by a number of well-known investors, there are 400 employees, including several project managers.


Paige’s code written in the evening became the basis of an algorithm. He called it PageRank and used it to support a new Internet search engine called BackRub. But the name didn’t last long.

so, no matter what the industry must as early as possible.

1999 shlf1314 employee photo

sooner or later, whether you see trends, whether you can grab the trend bonus,

Abstract: in the second half of the Internet and the beginning of the capital winter, investors will favor what entrepreneurs? Perhaps, the history of venture capitalists can give you some lessons. In the new south view, the development of venture capital and the history of China’s scientific and technological start-ups, and two levels of market development process is strongly related.

depends on policy

Douglas · Edwards Douglas Edwards wrote on shlf1314’s early works of "internal point of view I am very lucky" Im Feeling Lucky at the time of disclosure, shlf1314’s human resources director Stacey · Sullivan Stacey Sullivan is a very serious woman, she thinks Paige’s plan is crazy. "People are asking questions."

IDGVC but the whole team is very strong, the layout is rapid, to China Internet 1999-2000 in the outbreak of the first year of IDG in Chinese has invested in more than 100 companies, the basic coverage of all Internet companies, so its success rate is relatively high. Among them, we are well-known Sohu, sh419, Tencent and so on, to grasp the trend of the entire wave of income.

, first, the NASDAQ began to fall in the second half of 2000, triggering the first winter of the Internet, because the concept of a concept in 1999 can be listed

my personal early business, ChinaVest, founder of Robert Theleen, is actually president of Bank of America in singapore. Do investment to China in 1993, he and his wife two people, this time China and no VC, PE said, what they invest? They voted for Beijing’s TGI Friday and Domino’s Pizza this traditional catering industry, behind the investment China first Internet Co, sub channel. His first representative was Mr. Feng Bo, the founding partner of the investment strategy.

one day in July 2001, Larry ·, page Larry Page decided to fire shlf1314’s project manager. All project managers.

China venture capital industry starting point in which year, the industry actually does not have a fixed statement. I think I can start 1993 as a starting point. This year there are a number of representative things, for the venture capitalists are memorable.

Like most startups,

page hates the pattern. He believes that shlf1314 only applies for the best engineers, excessive supervision level is not only necessary, but also constitutes a hindrance. He even suspected that shlf1314’s project managers had led engineers to deviate from projects that were very important to him. For example, page has made plans to scan all the books in the world and make it available on the Internet, but few people do it. Page blames the project manager.

‘s then Larry ·, Paige, a graduate student of Stanford University at the age of 22, was only five years old when he came across an idea in the middle of the night. According to the idea, he can download the entire Internet, view links on different pages, and then be able to see the world’s information in a completely new way.

has no management hierarchy between shlf1314, CEO, Paige, and engineers in the first year of the company. But as the company grew, there was a new layer of managers between CEO and engineers, who could see page and other shlf1314 executives, and then give engineers orders and deadlines.

but the real origin is that, in 1993, Xiong Xiaoge established a venture capital fund in China with the support of Mr. Mcgovern. IDG is a digital media group in the United States, and venture investment in China is a very risky thing.

Note: ChinaVest China venture capital company, the famous investment case, including AsiaInfo: China Communications and Internet infrastructure pioneer, by Tian Suning, Ding Jian and other successful creation. Xinda industry: a global manufacturer of collectibles and toys. It was successfully listed on NASDAQ in the USA as early as 1997.


no matter what the industry, as early as possible to * * *

2001 is a historical year for China’s venture capitalists.

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