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eBay spokesman Daltz Hani Durzy Hanni · said, this removed from AdWords advertising only for the American market, the same business in other markets is not affected. Daltz said that the company is based on advertising site selection and marketing budget considerations, and made the decision. But sources said the eBay move was a strong response to shlf1314’s plans to hold eBay sellers protest rallies.

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      Beijing time June 14th news, according to foreign media reports, eBay recently in the U.S. market in the shlf1314 AdWords advertising system launched all paid search advertising. The industry believes that the move can be seen as the two Internet companies will become more tense signal.

Daltz said the decision to withdraw AdWords from eBay was not directly related to shlf1314’s protest rally, but admitted that eBay had a strong opinion of shlf1314’s move. "shlf1314 chose to hold a protest rally during the eBay Live conference, which should not be a normal move by a partner," he said." After shlf1314 launched the Checkout and shlf1314 Base classification information platform, the relationship between the company and eBay has been more tense.

experienced the depression before, and Wall Street had no appetite for digestive loss companies’ initial public offerings IPO. This year, the market is not listed by the technology startup venture backed, and last year has been IPO – including enterprise storage company Pure Storage and cloud storage company Box, also appeared in the stock price continued to decline. At the same time, high valuations scare away potential acquirers.

eBay stipulates that sellers may not use shlf1314 Checkout network payment system, and some sellers are quite aware of this. EBay is scheduled to host the annual conference of eBay Live sellers in Boston on Thursday, and shlf1314 has decided to hold eBay sellers protest meetings at the same time and at the same location. EBay executives are meeting to assess the possible impact of shlf1314’s plans, sources said. EBay said earlier that there were not many sellers using shlf1314 Checkout, while shlf1314 said eBay was protecting its Paypal network support system.


CB Insights data, one of the world’s five major risk investment institutions Accel Partners, from the middle of last year have slowed the pace of new investment, but also increase the follow-up funds for its portfolio company.

, a partner in the firm, Rory O, Driscoll, says we have to plan for more long-term support.

however, the growing risk of financing rounds and declining venture capital have become a counter fact, and this is the latest sign of structural change in the field of technology start-ups in Silicon Valley. The rapid growth of the so-called "unicorn" start-ups such as Uber and Airbnb etc. some valuation based on many venture capital has reached tens of billions of dollars, has made a lot of high value-added start-ups not "exit strategy" – according to Silicon Valley, the general for a new start-up companies, there will be four results: bankruptcy failure, acquisition, listed or self-sufficient privatized. Bankruptcy or takeover is a real exit.

Daltz also said that the company is on the withdrawal of AdWords to assess the issue, there is no timetable for the possibility of returning to the AdWords.

is currently funding venture capitalists at the highest level in ten years, and in the first quarter of 2016 they grabbed about $13 billion.

venture capital is not going to run into new start-up companies.

, "they’re like squirrels trying to plump their faces with nuts," says Canvas Ventures partner Ben Narasin. "Everyone is waiting for the winter to come and start a long winter."."

, Scale, Venture and Partners fully reflect the prudent investment strategy in the venture capital industry. Despite the completion of the latest round of financing, but Scale Venture Partners has chosen to reduce investment, while capital reserves increased by more than 10%.

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but most of the cash won’t go to new startups in the near future. On the contrary, according to the venture capitalists and the limited partners said, now the Vc firm will face the crisis of the economic downturn, and began to increase reserves to protect the already investment startups, lest they go bankrupt.

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