Analysis Shanghai dragon general optimization model

first, we take a look at the Shanghai dragon general optimization model, the concept of the teacher is in the optimization of explosion can be divided into three stages respectively are found, identified, recognized. Respectively in the three stages are included in the amount, keywords ranking problem and website weight problems. For a lot of new station or station, the three problems are always with them, so the optimization model to find the optimal point which is used to solve the problem of which part of the problem is the key. Because compliance optimization can let us do things more effectively, through a general optimization model to find the problem.

product: here put content in do included is designed to let you know the purpose of included itself is just a carrier content, page content. So what is the theme of the content on the website will be the existing good quality (quality do not mentioned, this is a matter of attitude), if your body is the product that optimize the product content, if your theme is FAQ then the optimization of FAQ, anyway, to find the subject (accounted for most of the content).

Optimization of

chain structure optimization: as the stations within the chain transportation hub for the spider crawling after landing is very important, it is the path to guide the spider forward, is the only channel page exposure. So the chain system is generally improved conditions previously included the amount of problems.

contains very low amount of problems we usually have the following block optimization can be optimized

URL is a kind of structural optimization: optimize website structure optimization, its purpose is to let the spider can better take the page number, the more easy to remember, the more clear structure of URL for more success will be included. Of course, we are more familiar with this optimization, but the explosion of the teacher found pseudo static pages and static page comparison is not good for the love Shanghai, between them in the URL visual perspective there is no difference, but we know the pseudo static on the server is not the existence of the physical pages than static pages in many optimization parameters are not accounted for advantage. So like Dede website management system in Shanghai included performance to be better than WordPress.

framework code optimization: This is a start to consider the optimization for new sites. What is the form of website, how to deal with the relationship between columns and echo, how to define the program development. Once these things on-line after the comparison difficult to modify, so that in the on-line website if there is more trouble, because you can’t go to the revision or to fix the frame immediately. Therefore, the frame problem or not, or die miserably. >

today burst teachers and share the topic of "Shanghai dragon general optimization model". Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a routine to follow, I put them up into a general optimization model and optimization of these elements according to the controllable and made a model, so You’ll see. what is the optimum solution, what can be their own control.

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