Data show that Shanghai love index and the difference between the number of actual search keywords

has recently been doing optimization of the keyword real love Shanghai studio, one of the station keywords ranking has recently been stabilized at second, another station in the second page, and on the three or four page, it can be said that this is a real word studio, I personally do most.

I do most of the real studio, of course, every day in Shanghai above the word studio real search times are many, although there are a lot of tools can automatically obtain the keywords ranking, but because I love Shanghai several stations in the first few pages, so I still like to fall in love with the sea view directly in the keywords ranking see, the more natural, love in the love of Shanghai Shanghai inside the index record my information.

occupation this one to carry out our reasoning. According to love Shanghai, love Shanghai studio real index is 120, the distribution of the first occupation is the IT industry, that is to do the optimization, optimization done every day to see keywords certainly more than once, I search for parity, every day there are about dozens of times (according to the Tai’an love Shanghai index accounted for the proportion of the search), then with the tools of the query, even more, even less, an average of 10 times a day (120-6>


from the top of the figure can be seen, the keywords search area in the real studio, Tai’an is in the first row, while I was in Tai’an, Tai’an has no real studio production of the company, should not have a lot to do real wedding, so Tai’an in the search area in the first place, the basic is my contribution, see the proportion of words about the total search volume 1/3. The word love Shanghai index of about 120 or so, in proportion, about 40 customers is invalid.

but also can be used for reference. So it has the intention to search, also left 60 people.

Optimization of


The following figure:

love Shanghai index given search number, I feel should be determined according to the actual search times. That is to say, the same computer, with a IP, you search for several times, even several times, but not with IP whether you search for a few times, are considered a cause, all love Shanghai virtual high index.

We use the

look at the occupation distribution, the first is it, I’m it, technician and other companies to optimize the real studio it, look at the occupation distribution, it accounted for about half of all 1 occupation occupation, of course, love Shanghai is certainly not completely accurate statistical data

This station

I real Shunda, keywords studio in second bit real stable at least half a month, second of the site keywords ranking, click rate at least can account for 80% of the total search, but the actual statistical result, according to the average of the last half of statistics, every day through the search over the real studio people, unique visitors, only about 20, which is still one of my every day.

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