Empathy if love Shanghai search engine

three, want to flow or rely on the long tail word, long tail words can bring more traffic to the site, but also not a long tail word Xi can be completed, we should be in the construction site.


1, users don’t want to go, go to the next user, next time you want to come.

3, more and more links to me today, 1 links to me, tomorrow is 1, the day after tomorrow is able to reach 2 points to me, which means that more and more websites agree with me.

2, every day for me to grab, grab this afternoon and morning, afternoon and evening evening grabbed, grabbed tomorrow.

I saw some articles that stand in the search engine perspective easier to optimize your website, but I don’t think so, I think this is not easy optimization problem, but can make your site of direct flow increase ranking promotion, if I is a search engine, then I will choose what kind of website

5, the content of the website is more and more widely, today the word user search search to your website, search the word tomorrow or your website, search after another word or your website, this website I love.


I think if your site meets the above five every day I will come to your site to grab, because the content of the website is my food, users of the web site is the key to improve my awareness, now I’ll tell you how to make the top five. Remember, I love Shanghai search engine.

two, when his editor, audit every piece of content, the information is not enough, you have to learn is the information to create value, now many site is not in the employ of specialized editors? Actually I think if our site is not large, can oneself be a when editing yourself when editing several advantages, the first is to understand the industry dynamics, second is to strengthen the content of audit, third is to enhance their literary talent. You don’t look down upon the editor this position, which is directly related to key sites and search engine relationship step.

4 content, more and more intense, if today is tomorrow is a graphic combination, and combining with the video, but the day after tomorrow to continue to innovate.

, arrange full-time staff mining information, no matter what your industry website, you need information, now the Internet can also be referred to as the information network, the information can go in the world, we know that A5 and Chinaz two sites, two sites every day reproduced a number of news, this the information is reproduced, they will edit yourself to dig to write some information, this is the original information, every day there are many webmaster in these platform release information, which is of high quality information, the information on your website still worry about the traffic? So the first step mining search engine to obtain favor is to do a good job information.

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